What is another word for bring under control?

What is another word for bring under control?

What is another word for bring under control?

overcome control
quash quell
repress subjugate
get over prevail over
deal with get control of

Is everything under control meaning?

everything’s under control: everything is going well, there are no problems. idiom. Everything’s under control for Friday’s meeting. It’s all organized already. I have it under control, I’ve got it under control: I am in control of the situation.

What is the meaning of bring under?

to subdue; to restrain; to reduce to obedience.

What is a word for in control?

adjectiveinvolved in managing or using power. authoritative. bureaucratic. central. commanding.

What is the meaning of the phrase bring up?

Definition of bring up transitive verb. 1 : to bring (a person) to maturity through nurturing care and education. 2 : to cause to stop suddenly. 3a : to bring to attention : introduce. b computers : to cause (something, such as a file or picture) to appear on a computer screen …

Is it under control or in control?

The Under Control Leader The difference between being “in control” and “under control” is small in vocabulary — but huge in semantics. In contrast to the controlling leader who is driven by fear, ego, and power, the “under control” leader is calm, confident, and empowering to her staff.

What bring forward means?

Definition of bring forward to move to an earlier time or datethe kickoff has been brought forward to 2 p.m.

What is an adjective for in control?

How do you use the phrase bring up?

Bring up sentence example

  1. It was a foolish thing to bring up .
  2. You could bring up the topic with your mom.
  3. A spanner icon will bring up the rigging guide.
  4. By care and economy, however, aided by generous royal grants, she was enabled to pay off mortgages and to bring up the children in a way befitting their rank.

How do you say under control?

“If tax rises are to be avoided, Government spending needs to be under control.”…What is another word for under control?

restrained controlled
moderate self-controlled
calm steady
undemonstrative quiet
reasonable reticent

What’s another word for in control?

What is another word for in control of?

responsible accountable
in command in control
at the helm giving the orders
chargeable subject
obliged obligated

What is the meaning of bring over?

to take someone or something from one place to the place where someone else is, especially their home. I’ll bring my holiday photos over when I come. bring over to: He’s bringing his new girlfriend over to our house tonight.