What is Bicarpellary gynoecium?

What is Bicarpellary gynoecium?

Note: In botany, Bicarpellary gynoecium (of an ovary) means having two carpels. Oblique ovary means the ovary is placed obliquely in a diagonal plane. It is present in the family Solanaceae. In this, the gynoecium is bicarpellary and syncarpous.

In which family gynoecium is Bicarpellary?

So, the correct answer is ‘Solanaceae’.

What is Bicarpellary Syncarpous?

As we know that bicarpellary means there are two carpels and when the carpels are fused, the gynoecium is termed as syncarpous.

What is bilocular gynoecium?

The gynoecium is bicarpellary (it has two carpels), syncarpous (the carpels are united), ovary superior, bilocular with many ovules in each locule (two locules in each ovule), placentation is axile, septum is oblique, placentae is highly swollen, style long and hairy, and stigma is bilobed(having two lobes).

What is Bicarpellary?

/ (ˌbaɪkɑːˈpɛlərɪ) / adjective. botany (of an ovary) having two carpels.

In which of the families the gynoecium is Bicarpellary and Syncarpous But ovary is unilocular with basal placentation?

In family Compositae (Asteraceae) the gynoecium is bicarpellary, syncarpous ovary inferior, unilocular with basal placentation.

What is the meaning of Bicarpellary?

Is Solanaceae a Bicarpellary?

Gynoecium of Solanaceae is bicarpellary, syncarpous, placentation axile, and swollen. Stamen is Epipetalous with dithecous anther.

What is Pentacarpellary Syncarpous ovary?

G(5) indicates that the gynoecium (represented by the letter G) is made up of five carpels (pentacarpellary-represented by the number 5), the carpels are united (syncarpous-the brackets represents this) and the gynoecium is hypogynous (ovary is above all the floral whorls – the line below the letter G represents the …

Is Brassicaceae a Bicarpellary?

So, the correct answer is ‘Brassicaceae – Tetramerous flower, six stamens, bicarpellary gynoecium, capsule fruit’.

What is Monocarpellary and Multicarpellary?

The ovary is the basal swollen part of the carpel which has ovules. If the gynoecium of a flower has one carpel, we call it monocarpellary. In contrast, if the gynoecium of a flower has many carpels, we call it multicarpellary.

What is Syncarpous flower?

The terms apocarpous and syncarpous refer to compound pistils composed of more than one carpel. Apocarpous flowers contain two or more distinct carpels (such as the larkspur and peony shown above). In syncarpous flowers, two or more carpels are fused together (connate).