What is M-Bus module?

What is M-Bus module?

The Meter-Bus (M-Bus) is a fieldbus system that transmits energy consumption data measured by M-Bus slaves (e.g., heat, water, electricity and gas meters), as well as all sensor and actuator types.

What is wireless M-Bus in IOT?

The wM-Bus or Wireless Meter Bus is a European standard (EN 13757-4) that defines communication between usability meters and data loggers, hubs or intelligent meter gates. Based on the M-Bus wireless bus, a new advanced measurement infrastructure (AMI) was developed to meet the needs of media meters across Europe.

What is M-Bus used for?

The M-Bus is used to read energy consumption data from power meters, heat meters, gas meters, water meters and various sensors and actuators from different manufacturers. As an efficient system for measuring consumption data, the M-Bus is often used in the area of building control systems.

What is M-Bus communication protocol?

M-Bus Communication M-Bus is a communication protocol used between meters and the central data collection system or Pre-Payment unit. Widely used on new projects where the building infrastructure can be designed accordingly. M-Bus is available on a wide variety of gas, heat, electricity, and cold/hot water meters.

What does M-Bus mean?


Acronym Definition
MBUS Master of Business
MBUS Module Bus
MBUS Maintenance Bus
MBUS Making Best Use of Science (UK)

What is the difference between M-Bus and Modbus?

M-Bus is available on a wide variety of gas, heat, electricity, and cold / hot water meters. interchangeable within the network. Wireless capability. MODBUS is widely available on electricity meters which is where the communication protocol was developed.

How does Wireless M-Bus work?

Wireless communication for consumption meters Wireless M-Bus can be used for electricity, gas, water, and heat meters. Meters with Wireless M-Bus transmit data to the gateway on a regular basis – typically a few seconds or minutes between each transmission.

What is Wmbus?

W-MBus, for Wireless-MBus, is an evolution of the European Mbus standard, in a radio frequency adaptation. It is widely used by professionals in the energy and utilities sector. The protocol has been created for metering applications in industry as well as in the domestic sector.

What is difference between M-Bus and MODBUS?

How long is a bus in meters?

Standard City Bus The approximate average city bus length is 14 meters, or between 35 and 45 feet. Bus width is typically between 95 and 105 inches, or 8 to 9 feet.

Is M-Bus a RS485?

The RS485toMbus-4M converter is designed for connecting devices using the M-Bus interface into systems communicating with various sensors and meters through the RS485 interface.

What is the meaning of mbus?

MBus or M-Bus may refer to: MBus (SPARC), a computer bus designed for communication between high speed system components. M-Bus, or Meter-Bus, a bus used for remote reading of gas or electricity meters (EN 13757) Message Bus (Mbus), an inter-process communication protocol (RFC 3259)