What is the average NFL kickoff return?

What is the average NFL kickoff return?

about 24 yards
And it makes sense, because the average kick return is about 24 yards, and extra air time on shorter-than-usual kicks would give coverage units extra time to reach the return man.

What percentage of NFL kickoffs are returned?

Two points that need to be made. In 2020, the league set a record for touchback percentage at 61.2 percent. That means that three out of every five kickoffs resulted in a touchback. Compare this to 2003 when only 7.3 percent of all kickoffs resulted in a touchback.

What NFL team has the most kickoff returns?

Kickoff Returns

Team Avg Yds
Saints Saints 22.6 838
Seahawks Seahawks 23.5 894
Steelers Steelers 22.3 849
Texans Texans 23.4 1006

Who has the best kick return average in the NFL?

There are many ways in which a player’s success in the NFL is measured. One of the most obvious is a comparison of statistics….Kick Return Average (at start of 2013 NFL Season)

1 Gale Sayers* 30.56
2 Lynn Chandnois 29.57
3 Joe McKnight 29.01
4 Abe Woodson 28.69
5 Buddy Young 27.93

What is highest kick return average?

Gale Sayers has the most career yards per kick return, averaging 30.6 per return.

Who has the most kickoff return yards?

NFL Career Leaders – Kickoff Return Yards

Kickoff Returns
Player Yds
1. Brian MitchellB. Mitchell, 1990-03 14,014
2. Allen RossumA. Rossum, 1998-09 11,947
3. Joshua CribbsJ. Cribbs, 2005-15 11,113

What percentage of kickoffs are touchbacks 2021?

NFL Team Kickoff Touchback Percentage

Rank Team 2021
1 Minnesota 80.85%
2 Dallas 80.18%
3 Denver 79.49%
4 Arizona 73.27%

What percentage of kickoffs result in touchback?

In 2012, 43.5% of all kickoffs resulted in touchbacks; in 2016, the NFL moved touchbacks to the 25-yard line in a series of rule changes that led to a record touchback percentage (61.2%) last season.

Who has the most kick returns this year?

Andre Roberts
NFL Player Stats – Kickoff Return Yards

Rank Player Value
1 Andre Roberts 1010
2 DeAndre Carter 904
3 Braxton Berrios 852
4 Ray-Ray McCloud 842

What is Packers kick return average?

Steve Odom is the Green Bay Packers career leader in kickoff return yards with 4,124….Ranked by Kickoff Return Yards.

Player Steve OdomS. Odom, 1974-79
Gms 75
Kickoff Returns Num 179
Yds 4,124
Avg 23.0

How often are kicks returned for touchdowns?

A kickoff was returned for a touchdown in 1.4 percent of games and just 0.27 percent of the time.

How often is the opening kickoff a touchback?

Since 1994, the opening kickoff has failed to result in a touchback in a stunning 26 of the last 28 Super Bowls (92.9%).