What is the best sight for a turkey gun?

What is the best sight for a turkey gun?

Red dot sights are a favorite amongst turkey hunters for eye relief, extreme accuracy and easy-to-use design. Red dot sights are non-magnifying optics that give hunters a precise aim through a LED projected on the lens of the sight – usually a red dot, hence the name.

Is a 20 inch barrel good for turkey hunting?

20″-24″ barrels: These short barrels are best left to turkey hunters, who are taking careful aim at standing-still birds. They are generally too short for wingshooting, as accuracy suffers.

What MOA is best for turkey hunting?

A single 5-moa dot should be just fine for turkey hunting as you won’t need the precision at long ranges that a 2 MOA dot has since turkey loads for shotguns usually are only effective out to about 65-yards using TSS shot.

What size red dot is best for turkey hunting?

For turkey hunting, a 5 MOA reticle size is just fine, but if you’re looking for something a little more precise, you can go with a 3 MOA reticle. This is still large enough for quick target acquisition while turkey hunting, but it’s small enough for precision aiming too.

Do you use a scope for turkey hunting?

A scope makes a hunter shoot a shotgun more like a rifle than a scattergun, which is exactly what is needed for turkey hunting. An important plus for a scope is that it’s easy to sight in, which is important when patterning a smoothbore.

What is the best barrel length for a turkey shotgun?

Shorter barrels have become the general norm for turkey guns because they are more maneuverable and lighter to carry. Choosing a turkey gun with a barrel length between 21 – 24 inches will suit you well.

What is the best barrel length for hunting?

30/06, 22 inches was the ideal length. For the smaller rounds, you could go as short as 20. For magnums, 24 inches was de rigeur and, for a few specialty rounds such as the . 220 Swift, 26 was the only rational way to go.

What temp does turkey timer pop?

about 165 degrees Fahrenheit
When the turkey’s timer pops up, it’s signaling to you the bird is done. Here’s how it works. It has the stick that pops up, a spring and soft metal that’s solid at room temperature but metals and turns into a liquid at about 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

What size Red dot is best for turkey hunting?