What is the Nahanni Valley?

What is the Nahanni Valley?

The Nahanni Valley is only accessible by river, plane, or foot. With deep canyons, hot springs, epic whitewater, beautiful hiking and a massive waterfall, the Nahanni is one of the most impressive river trips in North America. It is often considered Canada’s (more remote) version of the Grand Canyon.

What happened in the Nahanni Valley?

. The stories of death, disappearance, murder and gold which have kept the Nahanni and Flat Rivers in the headlines for half a century starts in 1900 when an Indian named Little Nahanni brought a rich gold-bearing quartz sample out to Fort Liard. He claimed to have found it near the mouth of the Flat River.

Where is the Nahanni Valley located?

the Northwest Territories, Canada
Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Dehcho Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada, approximately 500 km (311 mi) west of Yellowknife, protects a portion of the Mackenzie Mountains Natural Region. The centrepiece of the park is the South Nahanni River (Naha Dehé).

Can you visit Nahanni Valley?

The park office for Nahanni National Park Reserve is located in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories. There are no public roads in Nahanni National Park Reserve, visitors must access the park via air or hike in.

Why is Nahanni Valley haunted?

For the past 100 years, decapitated corpses have been found discarded in Nahanni’s valleys. It’s been an ominous place since the first gold prospectors laid down their wagon wheels here. The first victims were Metis prospectors Willie and Frank McLeod in 1908.

Are there tribes in Nahanni Valley?

According to Dene tradition, in ancient times, the Nahanni Valley was inhabited by a nomadic, warlike tribe known as the Naha. The Naha were ferocious warriors who frequently descended from their mountain homes to raid Dene settlements in the lowlands surrounding the Liard and Mackenzie Rivers.

How do you get to Nahanni Valley?

How to Get There. You can get to Nahanni by flying to Fort Simpson via Yellowknife, and then to the river by floatplane from Fort Simpson. Alternatively, you can make the 18-hour, 913-mile drive from Edmonton to Fort Simpson in two days along the Mackenzie Highway.

How do I get to Nahanni Valley?

What does the name Nahanni mean?

Nahani (Nahane, Nahanni) is an Athapaskan word used to designate native groups located in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory between the upper Liard River and the 64th parallel north latitude.

Do people live in Nahanni National Park?

Human History. Nahanni National Park Reserve is in Dehcho Region, which is the least populated area of the Northwest Territories. Fort Simpson is the only village-sized municipality, with 1,200 inhabitants. There are fewer than 1,000 people living in the other five communities.

Where is Rabbit Kettle NT?

Rabbitkettle Hot Springs is a naturally occurring hot spring located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The springs are found in the Nahanni National Park Reserve, along the South Nahanni River.

What are tufa mounds?

Tufa mounds are created by the precipitation of dissolved minerals, primarily calcium carbonate, from thermal spring water. In Nahanni, this water retains a temperature of 20o C year-round. As the warm mineral water pours from the spring, it radiates outwards over the surface of the tufa mound.