What is the use of AXI interface?

What is the use of AXI interface?

AXI interconnects allow multiple masters and/or multiple slaves to interface with each other. The AXI specification defines the interface between a master and slave, a master and interconnect, and a slave and interconnect.

What is AXI stream interface?

The AXI4-Stream protocol is used as a standard interface to connect components that wish to exchange data. The interface can be used to connect a single master, that generates data, to a single slave, that receives data. The protocol can also be used when connecting larger numbers of master and slave components.

What is AXI Lite interface?

Product Description. The LogiCORE™ IP AXI4-Lite IP Interface (IPIF) is a part of the Xilinx family of ARM® AMBA® AXI control interface compatible products. It provides a point-to-point bidirectional interface between a user IP core and the Xilinx LogiCORE IP AXI Interconnect core.

What are the three types of AXI protocols?

AXI has been introduced in 2003 with the AMBA3 specification. In 2010, a new revision of AMBA, AMBA4, defined the AXI4, AXI4-Lite and AXI4-Stream protocol.

What is AXI interface Xilinx?

AXI, which means Advanced eXtensible Interface, is an interface protocol defined by ARM as par of the AMBA (Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture) standard. The AXI3/AXI4 specification are freely-available on the ARM website (link) so I encourage anybody who is interested to download it.

How many channels are there in AXI?

five channels
The AXI protocol defines five channels: three for write signals, and two for read signals.

What is AXI bus?

AXI in a multi-manager system The AXI protocol defines the signals and timing of the point-to-point connections between manager and subordinates. Note: The AXI protocol is a point-to-point specification, not a bus specification. Therefore, it describes only the signals and timing between interfaces.

What is the difference between AXI and AXI Lite?

AXI4-Lite: A subset of AXI, lacking burst access capability. Has a simpler interface than the full AXI4 interface. AXI4-Stream: A fast unidirectional protocol for transfering data from master to slave.

How AXI is different from AHB?

1] AXI is a multi-channel bus with 5 independent channels like Write address channel, Read address channel, Write data channel, Read data channel, Write response channel (Read Response is sent along with the Read data) while AHB is a single channel bus.

What is an AXI port?

AXI is an interface specification that defines the interface of IP blocks, rather than the interconnect itself.

What is AXI transaction?

AXI is a burst-based protocol, which means that it is possible to transfer multiple data in a single transaction. We can transfer a single address on the AW channel to transfer multiple data, with associated burst width and length information.

What is AXI MM?

The AXI slave interface is a memory-mapped interface to an on-chip memory block. This interface is intended to be controlled by an AXI or Avalon-MM master interface, which can write to and read from the memory block. Parameters specify the AXI ID signal widths, the slave address width, and the data width.