What is Thealoz used for?

What is Thealoz used for?

THEALOZ DUO is indicated to protect, hydrate and lubricate the surface of your eyes, for treatment of moderate to severe dry eye syndrome. For ocular use only.

Is THEALOZ DUO Good for dry eyes?

Thealoz Duo is particularly beneficial for people with moderate to severe dry eyes. However, it is safe for people dealing with any stage of dry eyes. Thealoz Duo is also preservative-free and hypotonic, which helps the tear film in your eye retain the same osmotic pressure as contact lenses.

How long can you use Thealoz duo gel for?

This innovative and patented device provides eye drops through a 0.2 μm filter, preventing any bacterial contamination of the solution. The solution is protected and can be used for up to 3 months after the bottle is opened.

How often can I use Thealoz duo gel?

Carbomer allows THEALOZ DUO GEL to stay on the eye surface longer, providing long-lasting relief of dry eye signs and symptoms. GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE Apply 1 drop to each eye, from 1 to 4 times a day. As it is a gel, THEALOZ DUO GEL is particularly suitable for use in the evening, just before going to bed.

Is THEALOZ DUO any good?

Assessed by the investigator The investigator rated the efficacy of Thealoz Duo® as satisfactory or very satisfactory for 16 patients (94.1%), and the efficacy for Systane® as satisfactory or very satisfactory for 14 patients (82.4%).

Can you get Thealoz duo gel on prescription?

Thealoz Duo Gel is available on prescription or to purchase from major high street pharmacies and opticians.

Can dry eye go away?

Dry eyes can often be managed, but not completely cured. Some treatments can be used permanently to manage your symptoms. Prescription medications and over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops, such as artificial tears, can help you manage this condition.

Should you use eye drops before bed?

Apply eye drops before you sleep You may experience blurry vision, redness, and a gritty sensation in your eyes. These symptoms can happen when your eyelids don’t entirely close while sleeping. To prevent this, you can apply eye drops to your eyes each night before sleeping.

Can eye drops make you blind?

Long-term use of self-prescribed eye drops that contain steroids can lead to glaucoma, a disease that causes degeneration of cells in the optic nerve resulting in loss of vision, warn ophthalmologists who are seeing an increase in such cases.