What is Trac-Lok limited slip differential?

What is Trac-Lok limited slip differential?

What is the Jeep Trac-lok limited-slip rear differential? The Trac-Lok anti-spin rear differential is a torque-sensitive mechanical unit that works to maintain traction in slippery or rough conditions.

Does my Jeep have Trac-Lok?

If the vehicle is on a hoist check by turning one rear wheel forward. If the other rear wheel turns the same direction you have the Trak Lok.

How do I know if I have a Trac-Lok differential?

The for limited slips is listed as a trac-lok. Your sure fire way to know is to crawl under and look at the axle tag it will tell you in the gear ratio. Say you have 3.73s. If you have a limited slip it will read 3L73.

How does a Trac Loc DIFF Work?

The Spicer Trac-Lok provides improved traction capability without requiring switches, wires, sensors, air hoses or manual input from the driver. During a slip event, it automatically sends approximately three times more torque to the high-traction wheel-end.

What is Trac-Lok differential rear axle on Jeep Wrangler?

“The Trac-Lok rear axle provides a constant driving force to both rear wheels and reduces wheel spin caused by the loss of traction at one driving wheel.

Is a Dana 60 a limited-slip differential?

The passenger car version of the Dana 60 came equipped with the Mopar “Powr-Lok” semi-float limited-slip differential option from 1966 to ’69. The Powr-Lok differential used 30-spline axles.

How do I know if my 2016 Jeep is a JK or JL?

When examining the front of your Wrangler, pay attention to the placement of its headlights. JL headlights encroach on the grille vents, but the JK headlights do not. The JL also features front-facing indicator lights on the fender flares.

Do I have traction Lok?

To find out if you have a trac-loc jack up the rear end (with the tranny in netural) and rotate one of the tires. If the tire on the oppisite side turns the same direction as the tire you are turning, you have a trac-loc. If it turns the oppisite direction, its an open carrier.

Is a Dana 60 a limited slip differential?

How does Jeep Trac Loc work?

Trac-Lok automatically distributes the available rear torque to the rear wheel that provides the most traction, thus helping to reduce wheel spin caused by lack of traction in the other rear wheel.

What does locking rear differential mean?

A locking rear differential, once engaged, does not allow both wheels to spin freely. By ensuring that both wheels spin at the same rate, and applying unequal torque to each tire on the axle, the risk of losing traction or spinning out decreases dramatically.