What material is used for subbase?

What material is used for subbase?

Sub-base material is produced by crushing either limestone or granite rock. The sub-base is designed to evenly spread the load on traffic bearing areas such as pavements and roads. Made up of a load-bearing layer of aggregate, the sub-base is laid on the sub-grade layer below.

What is granular subbase?

The granular subbase forms the lowest (bottom) layer of the pavement structure, and acts as the principal foundation for the subsequent road profile, provides drainage for the pavement structure, and protects the structure from frost.

What is granular subgrade?

Granular Sub-base (GSB) consists of laying and compacting well graded material on prepared sub-grade in accordance with the specifications.: GSB layer is intermediate layer in between Sub-grade and Wet mix macadam. GSB layer is laid in roads and higway works due to its properties .

What is granular base aggregate?

In a pavement structure, the granular base and subbase are compacted aggregate layers between the asphalt concrete or the Portland cement concrete pavement layers and the underlying subgrade material.

What are subgrade materials?

In transport engineering, subgrade is the native material underneath a constructed road, pavement or railway track (US: railroad track). It is also called formation level.

What material is used in base course?

The base course is generally com- posed of granular material such as crushed aggregate, gravel, selected soil, or a mix- ture of selected soil and aggregate.

What is GSB and WMM?

WMM = Wet Mix Macadam (40 mm down aggregates, mix design required) GSB = Granular Sub Base (63 – 40 mm aggregate or 70mm down aggregates) SR = Soil Replacement (preferably quary materials)

How many types of GSB are there?

Out of six GSB grades Grade III, Grade IV, Grade V and Grade VI obtained permeability values are more than predicted values. AASHTO-57 Grade obtained permeability is around 17%less than predicted value, for Grade I & Grade II no flow of water is observed so values are less than predicted value.

What is the density of granular sub base?

2.1 g/cc
Granular Sub Base (GSB) Road Material, Packaging Size: 50 kg

Usage/Application For Construction
Packaging Size 50 Kg
Density 2.1 g/cc

What is granular system?

Granular systems are known to exhibit jamming and undergo a jamming transition which is thought of as a thermodynamic phase transition to a jammed state. The transition is from fluid-like phase to a solid-like phase and it is controlled by temperature, , volume fraction, , and shear stress, .

What is subbase and base?

Base may consist of unbound materials, such as gravel or crushed stone, or stabilized materials, such as asphalt-, cement- or lime-treated materials. The subbase course is typically a granular borrow that is placed between the base and subgrade. It can be constructed as either a treated or untreated layer.

What is granular base course?

Granular Base Course: A mixture of soil particles ranging in size from coarse to fine. Processing involve crushing oversized particles and screening where it is necessary to secure the desired grading.