What ships were used in Vietnam?

What ships were used in Vietnam?

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  • Cimarron-class oiler (1939)
  • Fulton-class submarine tender.
  • Haven-class hospital ship.
  • Kilauea-class ammunition ship.
  • Mars-class combat stores ship.
  • Patapsco-class gasoline tanker.
  • Saipan-class aircraft carrier.
  • Suribachi-class ammunition ship.

How were troops transported in Vietnam War?

Early in the Vietnam War, troop ships such as the USNS Upshur, Geiger, and Gordon carried two thirds of U.S. troops to Vietnam; later, most American troops traveled by air. However, Korean troops were transported by MSTS throughout the war, with the first 2,000 coming on the MSTS Mann in March 1965.

What battleship served in Vietnam?

USS New Jersey
USS New Jersey was the only battleship recalled to duty during the Vietnam War. She recommissioned in April 1968 and arrived off Southeast Asia in September. From then until April 1969, she conducted frequent bombardments along the South Vietnamese coast.

What cigarettes did soldiers smoke in Vietnam?

Typical commercial brands issued in the cigarette rations in Vietnam were: Camel, Chesterfield, Kent, Kool, Lucky Strike, Marlboro, Pall Mall, Salem, or Winston. Due to health concerns, cigarettes were eliminated from the MCI accessory packs in 1975.

Who is the youngest Vietnam veteran still alive?

List of the 4 Youngest Vietnam Veterans

  1. Oliver Stone. Age: 75. Born: 09/15/1946. Hometown: New York City.
  2. Tom Selleck. Age: 77. Born: 01/29/1945. Hometown: Detroit, Michigan.
  3. Bob Kerrey. Age: 78. Born: 08/27/1943. Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska.
  4. Jorge Otero Barreto. Age: 84. Born: 04/07/1937. Hometown: Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.

Are the photos in We Were Soldiers real?

The photos are production stills from the movie. The real Galloway says he wishes they’d used his actual photos from the battle.