What song is #1 on iTunes 2021?

What song is #1 on iTunes 2021?

Lil Baby-featuring “Wants & Needs” by Drake holds the No. 1 spot, but not far behind them is a collection of bangers featuring Lil Baby (Pop Smoke’s “For the Night”), Lil Durk (Pooh Shiesty’s “Back in Blood”), and Lil Tjay (“Calling My Phone”).

Who is No 2 on Spotify?

Justin Bieber
Most monthly listeners

Rank Artist Monthly listeners (millions)
1 Ed Sheeran 84.17
2 Justin Bieber 79.69
3 The Weeknd 77.26
4 Dua Lipa 66.21

What is the best alternative to iTunes?

Vox Music Player If you are simply looking for a music player in the same vein as iTunes,look no further than the awesome Vox Music Player.

  • WinX MediaTrans Another easy and effective iTunes alternative is WinX MediaTrans.
  • WALTR 2
  • What are the top 10 songs on iTunes?

    iTunes Top 100 Songs

  • iTunes Top 400 Songs
  • Alternative Songs
  • Christian&Gospel Songs
  • Country Songs Bluegrass Songs
  • Dance Songs
  • Electronic Songs
  • Heavy Metal Songs
  • Indie Rock Songs
  • Jazz Songs
  • What is the most downloaded song on iTunes?

    “I Gotta Feeling,” Black Eyed Peas

  • “Poker Face,” Lady Gaga
  • “Boom Boom Pow,” Black Eyed Peas
  • “I’m Yours,” Jason Mraz
  • “Viva la Vida,” Coldplay
  • “Just Dance,” Lady Gaga&Colby O’Donis
  • “Low,” Flo Rida (featuring T-Pain)
  • “Love Story,” Taylor Swift
  • “Bleeding Love,” Leona Lewis
  • “TiK ToK,” Ke$ha
  • What is the most popular song on iTunes?

    “You guys are incredible!” Rowe, 59, said. “Thanks to you, our little Christmas song is currently #1 on iTunes in ALL genres. Unbelievable. John Rich and I are both grateful.