When can I use airship FFX?

When can I use airship FFX?

The airship is first used to invade Bevelle to save Yuna from Seymour. It unfortunately, takes a lot of damage and needs to be repaired. Cid comes to the party’s location after the events in Zanarkand where it becomes fully usable to the party.

Is there an airship in FFX?

The Fahrenheit, also known as the Continental Circus in the Final Fantasy Mechanical Arts depiction of the airship (action figure), is the airship available to the player in Final Fantasy X.

Where do I take the airship FFX?

“Final Fantasy X” Airship Coordinates

Where What Search This Range
Baaj Temple Boss, aeon, treasures X = 11-16, Y = 57-63
Omega Ruins secret dungeon X = 69-75, Y = 33-38
Besaid Falls Kimahri’s Dragoon Lance X = 29-32, Y = 73-76
Sanubia Desert Tidus’ Ascalon X = 12-16, Y = 41-45

What would you think if I said I was giving up my pilgrimage?

“What would you think if I said I… I was giving up my pilgrimage?” If you answer “Sure! Sounds good to me.” Dona will give up her pilgrimage and will be found outside of Djose Temple after this section of the story.

Can you fast travel in FFX?

Final Fantasy X The fast-travel menu upon the airship. Acquiring the airship, Fahrenheit, opens the fast-travel system. The player can choose the location from the location list at the bridge to appear to a save sphere there instantly. The player can return to the airship from any save sphere.

Can you go back in FFX?

Physically, you could literally backtrack as far as either Guadosalam or Luca. You can go back to Besaid after getting the airship however there is a ‘surprise’ waiting for you… If you’re talking remaster, you can move freely once you get the airship, BUT you get a nasty welcome most of the time.

What do you get for beating Belgemine?

The Moon Sigil
The Moon Sigil is obtained by defeating all of Belgemine’s aeons; including Anima, Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters, and then sending Belgemine.