Where is amref based?

Where is amref based?

Amref Health Africa, headquartered in Kenya, is the largest Africa based international Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) currently running programs in over 35 countries in Africa with lessons learnt over 60 years of engagement with governments, communities and partners to increase sustainable health access in Africa …

What is the full name of amref?

the African Medical and Research Foundation
Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Amref Health Africa (formerly the African Medical and Research Foundation – AMREF) was founded in 1957 by three surgeons as the Flying Doctors of East Africa.

Is amref a company?

Amref Health Africa is incorporated in Kenya as a company limited by guarantee under the Kenyan Companies Act and is domiciled in Kenya.

How do I join amref?

Shortlisting is conducted, and successful candidates are invited for an interview through official Amref communication channels. Those successful after the interview receive an offer letter and sign a contract upon joining Amref Health Africa.

Who is the CEO of amref?

Robert KeltyAmref Health Africa / CEO

How old is Dr Githinji Gitahi?

age 51
Githinji Gitahi

Dr. Githinji Gitahi
Born Githinji Gitahi 7 August 1970 (age 51) Othaya Village, Nyeri County
Nationality Kenyan
Relatives Stephen Kiama (brother)

Why should I join amref?

Why Amref? We offer a safe and conducive environment that fosters growth and professional development. Our internship programme will also provide you with a variety of benefits, including: Promote a better understanding of health issues confronting countries in Africa.

Who is Dr Githinji?

Dr Githinji Gitahi joined Amref Health Africa as the Group Chief Executive Officer in June 2015. Amref Health Africa, founded in 1957, is the largest African-led international organization on the continent and reaches more than 11 million people each year through 150 health-focused projects across 35 countries.

Who is Githinji Gitahi?

Is amref a good employer?

NAIROBI, August 16, 2019: Amref Health Africa, the largest Africa-based international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has emerged position 9 in the annual Employer of Choice Survey 2019, the largest of its kind in Africa.