Where is the hidden treasure in Nassau?

Where is the hidden treasure in Nassau?

The map leads you to Nassau, located at (633, 784). The buried chest is right by the swampy area to the west, behind a mansion on a cliff. The chest contains the plans for Grey Sails and 3,000 Reales.

Where is the treasure on Abaco island?

The map is in the South-Western part of the Abaco Island. The treasure is in the North-Western part of the Salt Lagoon, under a large boulder. The treasure: 3000 regals, galleon with snake design plan.

Where is the treasure on salt lagoon?

The cadaver is found on the beach. The treasure map will lead you to coordinates 442, 118. This leads to the southern plantation of New Bone. You can find the buried treasure northeast of the windmill/viewpoint.

How do I get to the cadaver on Great Inagua?

Notes: In order to reach the cadaver at this location, your starting position should be to the south of the marker on the map. There is a half fallen tree. Jump on it, and follow the path which leads you to the hidden cave entrance. Inside the cave, there is a treasure chest next to a cadaver.

How do you get the chest in the fort in Nassau?

Go to the beach south of the fort then go to the north, following the shore. You’ll find the fort’s dungeon entrance guarded by two soldiers. Dispose them and open the chest.

What is the point of Animus fragments in Black Flag?

Animus fragments are collectibles found on nearly every island and location in the game. There are 200 Fragments scattered around. While sailing the seas, you may be given the option to look at a nearby island by pressing up on the D-pad, indicating that there is a collectible located on it.

How do you dig in Black Flag?

They will have coordinates on them to let you know which island the treasure is located. Once you find the correct island, it’s just a matter of finding the landmarks on the map, and walking around until “Dig” pops up for you to dig there.

How do you use heavy shot on Assassins Creed Black Flag?

It is also a limited resource and is stored on the ship unlike the chain-shot and round-shot, which are limitless. They are fired by simply looking to the side of the ship and pressing the fire button.

How do you use the broadside cannons in Black Flag?

Broadside Cannons — These cannons line the side of your ship and can be aimed vertically. Look to the side of your ship and hold AIM and then FIRE to fire them.