Where is the Hug Me Coke machine?

Where is the Hug Me Coke machine?

the National University of Singapore
A new Coca-Cola vending machine at the National University of Singapore is programmed to dispense a bottle of Coke when a person wraps their arms around the machine, the New York Daily News reports. The vending machine has the inviting words “Hug Me” written on its front in Coca-Cola’s signature font.

How do you identify a Coke machine?

Search for the Coca Cola sign on the vending machine. Vendo produces vending machines exclusively for Coca Cola, so if you have a vending machine with the Coca Cola sign on it you may have a Vendo Coke machine.

How does the Hug Me Coke machine work?

But instead of the drinks brand’s logo, the words ‘Hug Me’ are emblazoned across its iconic red-and-white logo. Instead of paying money, customers have to squeeze the sides of the drinks machine to receive a free can of Coke.

Does Coke give free vending machines?

As a leading supplier of FREE vending services nationwide, Vending Group provides free Coke vending machines for all kinds of locations across the U.S., including hotels, offices, retail stores, apartment communities, and more.

What is Share a Coke campaign?

The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign first launched in Australia in 2011, and involved changing the traditional wrapping around the Coca-Cola bottle to say ‘Share a Coke with…’ and a popular name. The purpose of the campaign was to create a more personal relationship with consumers and inspire shared moments of happiness.

What is an old Coke machine worth?

As you can see, most vintage Coke machines that have been fully restored are worth $5000-$6000. The first listed Vendo 39 was cheaper because it was listed from a private seller who estimated its value at $2995.

What is the oldest Coke machine?

In 1929, Glascock Brothers Manufacturing Co. of Muncie, Indiana, introduced Coke’s first vending machine, a 151-lb. ice box that held 72 6-ounce bottles.

How much does it cost to get a Coke machine?

However, if you are looking to purchase a soda vending machine and stock in yourself, they generally start around $3,600 for a quality unit. Snack machines start at around $3,000.

How many bottles does a Coke machine hold?

CB-300 soda vending machines can vend up to six selections of cans or bottles. This soda vending machine can also accommodate a variety of can or bottle sizes. You may choose to vend 12 oz. cans, 16.9, 20, or 24 oz.

Where can I get Coke with my name?

You can search for your name and create a digital version of a personalized bottle at ShareACoke.com. Some 1.25- and 2-liter bottles will have the words “family” or “friends” on them and 12-ounce cans will feature nicknames such as BFF, Star, Bestie, Legend, Grillmaster, Buddy and Wingman.

What does a Coke machine cost?

around $3,000 to $4,000
Cost of Soda Machines The typical vending machine similar this 660 8-Select Coke machine cost around $3,000 to $4,000 new. You can find a refurbished one for as little as $500 on ebay to about $3,000.