Which area shut down in Madurai?

Which area shut down in Madurai?

Vandiyur, PKM Nagar, Managiri, Sourashtrapuram, Yagappa Nagar, Sadasivam Nagar, Karuppayoorani, Kalikappan, Seeman Nagar, Pandian Kottai, Pandikoil, Mastanpatti, Anna Nagar, Veerapanjan, Poolankulam, Andar Kottaram, Othaveedu, Ilamanur, Pudur, LKT Nagar and Kalmedu.

Is there power shutdown in Chennai today?

Power supply will be suspended in the following areas from 09.00 am to 02.00 pm for maintenance work. Supply will be resumed before 02.00 P.M if the works are completed….

EB offices Chennai
Area’s Phone Numbers
Koyambedu 24799191 / 9445850383
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Is there any shutdown in Madurai today?

Power Shutdown Schedule in Madurai – 07 March 2021. As per the Power Shutdown Schedule in Madurai today, there is no reported electricity suspension for maintenance work, and thereby there is no power shutdown today.

How do you say current is gone?

The power is out. The electricity went out. We just experienced a power outage….We typically say,

  1. electricity is out.
  2. there is (or we have) a power outage right now.
  3. There is no electricity.
  4. power is out.

Is there any power cut in Salem today?

No power shutdown in Salem on 02-05-2021 As per the Power Shutdown Schedule in Salem today, there is no reported electricity suspension for maintenance work.

How can I complain to EB in Madurai?


  1. North/Metro K.Pudur,Madurai-625007. Email : eenmdum[at]tnebnet[dot]org.
  2. Samayanallur-625402. Email : eesermdu[at]tnebnet[dot]org.
  3. East Division, Tiruppalai. Email : eeestmdu[at]tnebnet[dot]org.
  4. South/Metro Power House Road,Madurai -625011.
  5. Usilampatty-625532.
  6. Tirumangalam-625706.
  7. West/Metro Arasaradi,Madurai-625016.

How do I say no electricity at my place?

“The power is out.” “Our power is out.” “We have no electrical power.”

How do you ask if power is back?

I have quite often heard the following:

  1. Power is back.
  2. Power is back on.
  3. Power has returned.
  4. Power is up, along with the corresponding “power is down” when the electricity supply is interrupted.
  5. Power is back up.
  6. More formally, in the news or so; Power has been restored (to the affected areas)

Why is there a power cut in Mumbai?

The disruption comes as Maharashtra faces a supply deficit that has led to discoms cutting electricity to some pockets. Some parts of central Mumbai, with suburbs like Bhandup and areas within the city’s municipal limit, faced the outage from around 10 am, news agency PTI reported.

How do I complain about a power cut in my area?

2] Electricity Call Center The telephone number 1912 is allotted explicitly to Electricity Call Centers for handling power supply related complaints. Status of the complaint is periodically tracked and updated. The customer can know the status of the complaints registered by contacting the call center personnel.

How do you say power shut off?

“There is a power cut” is perfectly correct sentence and used often. Other terms like, power outage, power failure are fine too. Americans use the term, “blackout” to mean the same.