Which demographic drinks the most tea?

Which demographic drinks the most tea?

Tea consumption (18.5% of the sample) was highest among older adults (51–70 years old), non-Hispanic Asians and Whites, and those with college education and higher incomes.

What is the target market for tea drinkers?

The target audience is young men between the ages of 14-28. Consumers or R-T-D tea are not unlike consumers of soft drinks. They tend to cross gender lines, age groups and approximate as close to an all-family group as is possible.

Who drinks the most tea per capita?

List of countries by tea consumption per capita

Rank Country/Region Tea consumption
1 Turkey 3.16 kg (6.96 lb)
2 Ireland 2.19 kg (4.83 lb)
3 Iran 1.99 kg (4.38 lb)
4 United Kingdom 1.94 kg (4.28 lb)

Who drinks tea in the US?

Some 80 percent of U.S. households have tea in their kitchens, and more than half of the American populace drinks tea on a daily basis, according to the U.S. Tea Association.

Why do millennials drink tea?

They want it to be more natural, fresher, healthier, and milder. These are the characteristics that millennials appreciate in tea and dislike in coffee. Tea is becoming a lifestyle drink and a real trend for this generation. A drink with which they identify and through which they express their outlook on life…

Who drinks more tea males or females?

Women tend to drink a wider array of tea as a whole. Herbal tea reaches 35% of women, compared with 25% of men. Similarly, 19% of women drink decaf tea, a figure that falls to 15% of men. And female respondents are also slightly more likely to drink iced tea.

Do tea drinkers live longer?

They found that each one-cup increase in daily tea consumption was associated with an average 2 percent decrease in any cardiovascular event, a 4 percent decrease in death from cardiovascular disease, a 4 percent lower risk of stroke and a 1.5 percent lower risk of death from any cause.

Why is tea not popular in America?

Inferring from Dr Frank’s presentation, American’s “aversion to tea” is historically related and can be traced back to two key factors: taxes and fear. “Tea was a way of England enslaving America,” said Dr Frank, noting the tea-related taxes Britain forced on the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War.

Why is tea such a big deal in England?

Turns out, it’s all to do with taxes. Tea was first brought to Britain in the early 17th century by the East India Company and was presented to King Charles II. His Portuguese wife, Princess Catherine of Braganza, set the trend in drinking tea, which then caught on among the aristocrats of the time.

Why do the British drink so much tea?

What age group drinks the most tea?

Tea drinkers demographics reveal that people aged 30–39 are the biggest tea consumers. Let’s take a look at the age of the top three groups of tea consumers. People aged 30–39 are the biggest tea fanciers (23.1%). Next, there are those aged 20–29 (19.4%).

Does Gen Z like tea?

Gen Z consumers reported a definitive preference for green tea,at 38 percent, compared to black tea at 19 percent (GlobalData 2019 Q4 consumersurvey – US).