Which grammar is Tolkappiyam?

Which grammar is Tolkappiyam?

Tamil grammar text
Tolkāppiyam (Tamil: தொல்காப்பியம், lit. “ancient poem”) is the most ancient extant Tamil grammar text and the oldest extant long work of Tamil literature.

Who wrote the Tamil grammar Tolkappiyam?

Tolkappiyar (epithet), the author of Tolkappiyam, which is the oldest extant Tamil grammar, is believed by various traditions to be one of the twelve disciples of Agattiyar. Tolkappiyar is believed to have lived during the Second Sangam and to be the author of the Tolkappiyam that has survived.

What are the five types of grammar in Tamil?

Thus there are five genders in Tamil, namely, masculine singular (ஆண்பால் āṇpāl), feminine singular(பெண்பால் peṇpāl), high-class plural (பலர்பால் palarpāl), lower-class singular (ஒன்றன்பால் oṉṟaṉpāl), lower-class plural (பலவின்பால் palaviṉpāl).

What is Tolkappiyam and tirukkural?

The Tolkappiyam and Tirukkural are the history books . The Tirukkural is one of the most important works in Tamil language. ✔Author of Thirukural is Thiruvaluvar. ✔ ​Author of Tholkapiyam is Tholkappiar. Hope it will be helpful !!

How many types of Tolkappiyam are there?

sangam literature The Tolkappiyam, a book of grammar and rhetoric, and eight anthologies (Ettuttokai) of poetry were compiled—Ainkurunuru, Kuruntokai, Narrinai, Akananuru, Kalittokai, Patirruppattu, Purananuru, and Paripatal.

Why is Tolkappiyam important?

‘Tolkappiyam’ is known to be the earliest surviving Tamil literary work. It is supposed to have been written by Tolkappiar, one of the 12 disciples of the saint Agastya. The book stands testimony to the development of Tamil as a language.

What is grammar in Tamil?

English to Tamil Meaning :: grammar. Grammar : இலக்கணம்

What is gerund in Tamil?

Gerund : தொழிற் பெயர் போல் தோன்றும் பெயர்ச் சொல்

What is Neithal?

The neithal, or water lily is the characteristic flower of the region.