Who is drummer of Metronomy?

Who is drummer of Metronomy?

Anna PriorMetronomy / Drummer

Where is band Metronomy from?

Totnes, United KingdomMetronomy / OriginTotnes is a market town and civil parish at the head of the estuary of the River Dart in Devon, England, within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is about 5 miles west of Paignton, about 7 miles west-southwest of Torquay and about 20 miles east-northeast of Plymouth. Wikipedia

What type of music is metronomy?

Alternative/IndieMetronomy / Genre

What label is metronomy on?

Because Music
Moshi Moshi RecordsPopfrenzy
Metronomy/Record labels

How do you pronounce metronomy?

metronomy Pronunciation. metron·o·my.

Are metronomy French?

Metronomy are an English electronic music group formed in 1999.

What is the meaning of Metronomy?

The measurement of time by an instrument
Noun. metronomy (uncountable) The measurement of time by an instrument.

Does matrimony mean married?

Definition of matrimony noun, plural mat·ri·mo·nies for 2. the state of being married; marriage: He was married in 1870 and lived in matrimony 12 years. the rite, ceremony, or sacrament of marriage: The priest has united them in the bonds of holy matrimony.

Is it matrimony or matrimonial?

Matrimony is just a fancy way of saying “marriage.” When a couple ties the knot, they are engaging in matrimony. You can describe the actual wedding celebration as matrimony, and also the state of being married, although it’s a formal word most often used in documents and in the words of the ceremony.

What does it mean that couples are called to fidelity?

Fidelity includes refraining from physical contact—but that is not all. Fidelity also means complete commitment, trust, and respect between husband and wife. Inappropriate interactions with another person can erode fidelity.

What is Matri?

a combining form meaning “mother,” used in the formation of compound words.