Who is Murali actor?

Who is Murali actor?

Muraleedharan Pillai, popularly known as Murali (Malayalam: മുരളി, 25 May 1954 – 6 August 2009) was an Indian film, stage and television actor and author. He mainly appeared in Malayalam films and a few Tamil films and also many other movies.

What happened between Mammootty and Murali?

In an interview with Kairali TV on September 6, last year, Malayalam superstar Mammootty had revealed that Murali and he grew apart after working together in films for many years. He added in the interview that he still never understood the reason why Murali grew distant from him and that he felt very sad about it.

Who is Murali brother?

S.D. SureshMurali / Brother

What is the age of actor Murali?

46 years (1964–2010)Murali / Age at death

Who is the brother of Daniel Balaji?

Born in Andhra Pradesh, Daniel Balaji comes from a family that has strong ties with the film industry. He is the brother of the popular erstwhile Tamil actor, Murali.

How old is atharva?

33 years (May 7, 1989)Atharvaa / Age

When did actor Murali died in Malayalam?

August 6, 2009Murali / Date of death

Is Murali dead?

September 8, 2010Murali / Date of death

Who is the father of Sri Murali?

S. A. Chinne GowdaSri Murali / Father

What is the age of Darshan?

45 years (February 16, 1977)Darshan Thoogudeepa / Age

Who is Murali Krishnan?

Murali Krishnan is an Indian film Music Director/Director, who has worked predominantly in Malayalam movie industry. Murali has worked in popular movies like Yagnya, Yagna.

How did Murali become famous in Malayalam cinema?

He played the leading role in the 1992 film Aadhaaram, which gave a “break” to his career. The film was well received at the box office and Murali ascended to the status of a star in Malayalam cinema, which he enjoyed for a few years during the 1990s.

Is Murali married to Anjana?

He was married to Anjana Pillai, and has two children, Gowri and Gowrav. Anjana died at the age of 38, on 26 April 2015 after suffering a heart attack. Murali has launched a website in memoriam to his father Bharath Gopi.

What is the political affiliation of Murali?

Murali was a member of Communist Party of India (Marxist) and has contested the 1999 Lok Sabha polls from the Alappuzha constituency as a Left Democratic Front candidate, but lost to V. M. Sudheeran of Indian National Congress .