Who is terrence Wells?

Who is terrence Wells?

He is the former frontman for the American Christian pop rock band Royal Tailor, which produced two albums over a five-year career, garnering two Grammy nominations and a New Artist of the Year award from the Gospel Music Association Dove Awards.

How old is Riley Clemmons?

22 years (December 9, 1999)Riley Clemmons / Age

Who is Tauren Wells dad?

Phil Wells. Anything people remotely like and appreciate about me is just the shadow of this man.

Who is the worship leader at Lakewood Church?

Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff
Cindy Lerae Cruse-Ratcliff (born May 18, 1963) is a singer-songwriter who serves as the senior worship leader at the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

Where is Chris Brown from Elevation worship from?

Hampton, South Carolina
Brown is a Hampton, South Carolina native who enrolled in AU’s voice program, leading worship on campus.

Why did Royal Tailor break up?

The group disbanded in 2015 when Wells started his solo career. The other members of the band have moved-on to new projects. In 2016, Wells said of the decision to disband Royal Tailor that “The band was successful, by our measures of success. It was doing well, still growing.

When was Leanna Crawford born?

June 13

Leanna Crawford
Born June 13
Origin Stanwood, Washington
Genres Christian
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter

Who are Riley Clemmons parents?

Riley is from Nashville, but she has deep roots in Cullman. Her father, Dr. Samuel Clemmons, is a Cullman native, and her uncle is East and West Elementary music teacher Tim Clemmons.

How old is Tauren Wells?

36 years (April 7, 1986)Tauren Wells / Age

Why did Houghton leave Lakewood?

A recording at Lakewood said the Houston megachurch was closed for the holiday. RadarOnline claims Houghton was “booted from his five-year position as a minister”for allegedly cheating on his wife of 20 years with former Cheetah Girls member Adrienne Bailon.

Who is on staff at Lakewood Church?

The Lakewood Church management team includes Andrea Davis (Senior Director Media Relations), John Bowman (Senior Director), and Brian McGill (Director of Information Technology).