Who owns alinma?

Who owns alinma?

Alinma Bank

Type Private
Products Islamic financial services
Total assets 131,839,441,000 Saudi riyal (2019)
Owner Public Investment Fund-10%, General Organization for Social Insurance-10%, Public Pension Agency-10%, public shares-70%
Number of employees 2,658 (2018)

Is alinma bank an Islamic bank?

The Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) culminated with Alinma Bank being recognized as the Best Islamic Bank in 2020, at GIFA’s annual awards ceremony, dedicated to presenting global excellence and leadership awards for various business sectors and prominent banking figures in Islamic banking.

How do I complain about alinma bank?

Complaints procedures

  1. Communicate by mail. E-mail [email protected]
  2. Visit one of the branches of Al-Inma Investment Company.
  3. Call the Free phone number 8004413333 during official business hours from 9 am to 4:30 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

What is alinma Internet?

The Alinma Internet online banking service simplifies your financial life and provides access to comprehensive transactions and services at your convenience. Fast, secure, and easy to manage, Alinma Internet is your preferred online banking solution.

How do I pay with alinma?

Download the mada Pay application from the Google Play store. Add your Alinma mada debit or credit card to the application….mada Pay

  1. Enable the NFC payment option in your phone’s settings.
  2. Unlock your screen.
  3. Pass your phone over any mada Atheer POS payment terminal to complete you transaction.

What happens if I don’t pay credit card and leave Saudi Arabia?

In case of default, the lending bank may file a civil case against you to recover the outstanding loan or credit card bills. The court may; Deduct money from your bank account. Stop you from leaving Saudi Arabia.

How do I contact investors in Saudi Arabia?

In order to submit you investment to INVEST SAUDI, please follow the following steps:

  1. For registration support, ​​​​​​​please contact us at: Phone: +966 11 2035777. Email: [email protected]
  2. Complete your registration.
  3. Fill and submit the opportunity in the Submission Form.

Which bank is best in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia’s top 10 banks – ranked by Tier 1 capital and performance

  • National Commercial Bank. Tier 1 capital. Overall performance.
  • Al Rajhi Bank.
  • Samba Financial Group.
  • Riyad Bank.
  • Saudi British Bank.
  • Banque Saudi Fransi. Tier 1 capital. Overall performance.

Is mada Pay safe?

Easiest way to pay, brought to you by mada Pay everywhere you see mada atheer logo or the contactless payment symbol safe in the knowledge that mada Pay never shares your actual card number with the merchant so your card information remains secure.

How can I transfer money from alinma to Philippines?


  1. Login into Alinma Internet or Alinma App through smart devices.
  2. Select Money Transfer from the menu.
  3. Add the beneficiary and specify the type Alinma Express beneficiary, fill the needed information.
  4. To activate the beneficiary through Alinma Phone or Alinma ATMs.
  5. Specify the beneficiary and press Activate.

Can you be imprisoned for debt in Saudi Arabia?

RIYADH: As part of the efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Saudi Arabia has called a temporary halt to prison sentences for individuals convicted in private cases involving unpaid debts. King Salman on Tuesday ordered that the implementation of final judgments and orders in such cases be suspended.

Can I leaving Saudi Arabia with unpaid loan?

Unless your loan installments or credit card bills are overdue, there is no problem in getting a final exit visa from Jawazat and hence leaving Saudi Arabia with an unpaid loan.