Who played Harry in The Third Man?

Who played Harry in The Third Man?

User reviews508. Pulp western writer Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) arrives in post-war Vienna to work for old friend Harry Lime (Orson Welles) but is told that Harry is dead. The city is divided under the control of the Allies. British Major Calloway (Trevor Howard) tells him that Harry was a criminal.

Is Joseph Cotten still alive?

February 6, 1994Joseph Cotten / Date of death

Was Joseph Cotten married?

Patricia Medinam. 1960–1994
Lenore Kipp LaMontm. 1931–1960
Joseph Cotten/Spouse

What happened Harry Lime?

He died in a sewer beneath Vienna, as those of you know who saw the movie The Third Man.

What was Harry Lime Crime?

Sooner he discloses that Harry Lime was the leader of a gang that robbed penicillin from the military hospital to adulterate and resell it, and has caused the death and anomalies in many children. He continues to investigate and he has a great surprise when he finds who the third man is.

Who was Harry Lime in The Third Man?

Orson Welles
The Third Man (1949) – Orson Welles as Harry Lime – IMDb.

Was Joseph Cotten a black man?

One thing is for certain: There is no way that any of these illustrious people could have attained their positions, given the times they lived in, if their “Blackness” were known. They would have had to pass as white. The Actor Joseph Cotten was Black! How do I “know”?

Where is Joseph Cotten buried?

Blandford CemeteryJoseph Cotten / Place of burial

Who was Patricia Medina married to?

Joseph Cottenm. 1960–1994
Richard Greenem. 1941–1951
Patricia Medina/Spouse

Who shot Harry Lime?

Yet, when Martins shoots Lime at the end, he is able to convince himself that he is acting out of the noblest of motives. Martins lacks the self-awareness to realize that his mediocrity conditions his sense of outrage at the evil deeds of a superior human force (op. cit., pp. 11-12).