Who rejected Nehru Report?

Who rejected Nehru Report?

Muslim League’s reaction to the Nehru Report With few exceptions League leaders rejected the Nehru proposals. In reaction Mohammad Ali Jinnah drafted his Fourteen Points in 1929 which became the core demands the Muslim community put forward as the price of their participating in an independent united India.

Has Nehru Report been accepted?

Nehru report was approved in the Calcutta session of Congress, December 1928.

Why did Jinnah oppose Nehru Report?

The report was given in a meeting of the council of the All India Muslim League on 9 March 1929. The Nehru Report was criticized by Muslim leaders Aga Khan and Muhammad Shafi. They considered it as a death warrant because it recommended joint electoral rolls for Hindus and Muslims.

What was proposed in Nehru Report?

The Nehru Report demanded that the Fundamental Rights for the people of India wouldn’t be subjected to forfeiture. The reports had drowned an inspiration from the American bill of rights which laid to the foundation of Fundamental Rights provision in the Indian Constitution.

Who proposed the Cripps Mission?

The Cripps Mission was a failed attempt in late March 1942 by the British government to secure full Indian cooperation and support for their efforts in World War II. The mission was headed by a senior minister Sir Stafford Cripps.

Who appointed Simon Commission?

Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin
The Simon Commission was dispatched to India in 1928 to review the the Government of India Act 1919. The Commission, appointed by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, did not include any Indian delegates.

Why did the British government not accept the Nehru Report?

Answer. Answer: The Commission did not have a single Indian member which irked leaders of the nationalist movement. While the British acknowledged the discontent, it did not consider making changes to the composition of the Commission; it instead asked Indians to prove that they could draw up a constitution themselves.

Who prepared Nehru Report?

Pt. Motilal Nehru
The Motilal Nehru Report 1928 was a report by a committee headed by Pt. Motilal Nehru. This committee was created when Lord Birkenhead, Secretary of State of India asked the Indian leaders to draft a constitution for the country.

Who helped Quaid in 14 points?


Question Which of the following leaders helped Quaid e Azam in the preparation of his fourteen points in 1929
1. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar
2. Maulana Shaukat Ali
3. Liaqat Ali Khan
4. Maulana Hasrat Mohani

Why did Gandhi oppose the Cripps Mission?

The major leader, Mahatma Gandhi, was opposed to Indian involvement in the war as he would not morally endorse a war and also suspected British intentions, believing that the British were not sincere about Indian aspirations for independence.

Did Ambedkar supported Simon Commission?

The Commission was strongly opposed by many Indians. It was opposed by Nehru, Gandhi, Jinnah, the Muslim League and Indian National Congress because it contained seven members of the British Parliament but no Indians. However, it was supported by Dr. Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar and Periyar E. V.