Who was Phyllis Coard?

Who was Phyllis Coard?

Phyllis Coard was a social worker, teacher, university lecturer, co-founder of the National Women’s Movement in Grenada (1977 – 1983), and activist in the struggle to win rights for women, children and the impoverished.

What nationality was Phyllis Coard?

Late Jamaica-born author and social worker Phyllis Coard, the lone woman convicted among the Grenada 17 in the bloody coup that uprooted Prime Minister Maurice Bishop, has been praised as a fearless advocate of women’s rights. The 73-year-old reportedly died at a Kingston hospital on Sunday.

Where is Bernard Coard today?

Coard who is now living in Jamaica has repeatedly turned down approaches made by journalists to question him on his role in the bloody events in Grenada some 38 years ago.

What does coard mean?

English: from Old French corde ‘string’, a metonymic occupational name for a maker of cord or string, or a nickname for an habitual wearer of decorative ties and ribbons.

Was Bernard Coard a communist?

Coard moved to the United States, where he studied sociology and economics at Brandeis University and joined the Communist Party USA. In 1967 he moved to England and studied political economy at the University of Sussex. While in England, Coard joined the Communist Party of Great Britain.

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Who ousted Maurice Bishop as Prime Minister of Grenada?

Maurice Bishop

The Right Honourable Maurice Bishop
Deputy Bernard Coard
Preceded by Sir Eric Gairy
Succeeded by Bernard Coard
Personal details

Who is General Hudson Austin?

Hudson Austin (born 26 April 1938) is a former general in the People’s Revolutionary Army of Grenada. After the killing of Maurice Bishop, he formed a military government with himself as chairman to rule Grenada.

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