Why is the Neve 1073 so popular?

Why is the Neve 1073 so popular?

TONE-73: People love the 1073 because the sound is thick, round, and musically colored. Superlatives like “lush” and “opulent” are often used to describe its tone.

What type of preamp is Neve 1073?

discrete transistor mic preamp
The 1073 Becomes a Classic The 1073 was an instant hit, and it remains the most desirable Class A discrete transistor mic preamp to this day. What made the original 1073 stand out was the tone. Thick and warm with a mid-forward presence and a smooth top end, it created a tone that sat beautifully in the mix.

What does a Neve 1073 sound like?

Its sound can be described as rich and full-bodied with solid lows, assertive midrange presence, and airy highs. The original 1073 included a three-band EQ with a fixed 12kHz high frequency shelf, along with switchable low and mid range bands with cut and boost controls.

What console was the Neve 1073 from?

A88 Wessex console
Over the years, the 1073® has helped Artists produce some of the finest music – from the creation of the legendary A88 Wessex console (the first to be outfitted with 1073 modules) through to the 8014 and 8028 Sound City console; 1073 modules became an integral part of the early Neve console sound.

Is a Neve 1073 worth it?

The Neve 1073LB mic preamp is a great choice for any studio that wants to make their recording sound more professional. With features like front combi-XLR connector, intelligent switching of phantom power and 48V operation it’s no wonder this product has been so popular with musicians around the world.

Are Neve consoles solid state?

Rupert Neve Hones His Skill Set Rupert Neve started designing audio equipment in the tube era; but he made his mark with solid-state consoles that would define the Golden Age of Analog.

How much is a Neve 1073?

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What is a pre amp for?

In a home theatre system, the pre-amplifier performs two main functions: it handles switching between different line level sources and boosts the signal before sending it to the amplifier. A weak electrical signal becomes strong enough for additional processing, preventing noise and offering cleaner output.

What is a Neve console?

The Neve 8078 was the last of the “80 series” hand-wired analogue mixing consoles designed and manufactured by Neve Electronics, founded in 1961 by the English electronics engineer Rupert Neve, for high-end recording studios during the 1970s. Some were custom built for major studios like CBS Sony.

What is a Neve EQ good for?

The Neve 1073 and 1084 are the holy grail of the line but understand, a lot of the sound is actually the EQ which is built into these. If you’re looking for a classic rock, lo-fi sound then this is your best bet. API sound snappy and are therefore used a lot on metal and modern rock. Excellent for punch drums.

Where are Neve consoles made?

That year Neve Electronics built one of the first transistor-based mixing consoles for Philips Records Studios in London. The company moved to a purpose-built factory in Melbourn, near Cambridge where in 1968 they designed the 2254 compressor limiter for ABC Weekend Television in the UK.