Will Mexican Pizza come back?

Will Mexican Pizza come back?

It’s back! Mexican Pizza officially returns to Taco Bell menus nationwide. It’s the first time Mexican Pizza has been back at Taco Bell since the fast food chain dropped it from the menu back in November of 2020.

Why is the Mexican Pizza back?

Here’s how to order the at-home tests. Last month, Taco Bell announced it was bringing back the Mexican Pizza after removing it in 2020 as part of broader plans to streamline its menu amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Taco Bell pizza coming back?

But now, the $4.49 menu item is back — permanently — after fans demanded it. The Mexican Pizza consists of a tortilla shell filled pizza sauce and either beans or ground beef. It’s topped with another tortilla shell that’s smothered with more sauce, cheese and chopped tomatoes.

Is the Mexican Pizza staying at Taco Bell?

5, 2020, fans were dismayed to hear that Taco Bell was removing the Mexican Pizza from the menu to “[pave] the way for fresh new ideas.” The upcoming return of the item, the company has said, is a permanent one.

Who brought the Mexican Pizza back?

Taco Bell
Taco Bell is bringing back one of its most beloved items — the Mexican Pizza — this week. Why it matters: The fast-food chain nixed its pizza back in 2020 amid menu streamlining in the early months of COVID-19.

What day is Mexican Pizza coming back?

May 19
The cult-favorite item, which was removed from the menu in 2020, is officially making a comeback. In a press release shared with TODAY Food, the Mexican-inspired fast-food chain revealed it’s bringing the cheesy creation back to menus permanently on May 19.

Does Taco Bell Mexican Pizza have meat?

But a colleague more accurately summed up the Mexican pizza’s taxonomy — and flavor profile — with another Taco Bell reference: “It’s like a burrito supreme in pizza form.” And it’s true, the dish has the beans, beef, cheese and sauce of its rolled-up brethren.

Why did Taco Bell discontinue Mexican Pizza?

According to a September 2020 press release, Taco Bell decided to discontinue the immensely popular dish because it didn’t align with the brand’s long-term environmental impact goals: In the U.S., packaging for Mexican Pizzas contributed over 7 million pounds of paperboard waste annually.

What is Taco Bell bringing back 2022?

the Mexican Pizza
This morning, Taco Bell revealed that the Mexican Pizza will return on May 19, 2022 — though loyalty members will be able to score one early, starting on May 17.

Why did Taco Bell get rid of the Chihuahua?

Even though the Taco Bell commercials were extremely popular, in 2000 they ended abruptly since some accused the dog of being a cultural stereotype of hispanic people.

When was Mexican Pizza discontinued?

What Happened to the Mexican Pizza? Back in November 2020, Taco Bell announced that it was parting ways with its Mexican Pizza. This news was not taken lightly. The menu staple had been around since 1985, when it was first introduced as Pizzazz Pizza, and customers were devastated to see it go.