Are Balenciaga Arenas comfortable?

Are Balenciaga Arenas comfortable?

High-top silhouette may not be for everyone However, the high-top silhouette may require some getting used to for some people. The Balenciaga Arena High may not also be the most comfortable shoe fresh out of the box. Several reviewers said that it may take time to break-in the shoe and enjoy its comfort.

Do Balenciaga Arena fit true to size?

The Balenciaga Arena High is a men’s sneaker. Based on the brand’s recommendation, going a full size down will help attain the more optimum fit. Most of those who purchased, however, suggested that two sizes down worked well for them.

Should you size down in Balenciagas?

Balenciaga sneakers do fit slightly bigger than the average sneaker, so you may want to consider sizing down.

Are Balenciaga’s comfy?

Many people may turn away due to the unusual appearance of the sneakers, but those who have dropped dough for them speak highly of the comfort the shoes afford. The construction as well as the materials are nothing short of excellent, revealing Balenciaga’s great attention to detail.

Do they still make Balenciaga Arena?

It looks as though a classic Balenciaga runner has returned for the current spring/summer season. A notable addition to some of its newer releases, namely, the insanely popular Triple S and Speed Trainer models, the Arena shoe made considerable waves a few years back and now looks to relive some of that same magic.

What size is 8.5 in Balenciaga?

Balenciaga shoe sizing vs. Nike and Adidas

Foot length (mm) Balenciaga Nike
Women’s US sizes
230 6.5 6.5
240 8 7.5
250 9 8.5

What size is 34 in Balenciaga?


Balenciaga Size US Hip
34 (XXS) 4 34 inch 86 cm
36 (XS) 6 35 inch 89 cm
38 (S) 8 36 inch 92 cm
40 (M) 10 38 inch 96 cm

How much taller do Triple S make you?

BALENCIAGA TRIPLE S Lacing up in the Triple S would rocket that narrative into overdrive, and the extra 6.5cm would see him reach the average height requirement for runway models.

What year did Balenciaga Arena come out?

Launched in 2010, these kicks have gained a cult following selling out fast thanks to its unquestionable quality and its upscale aesthetics. After over five years, this model’s classic look remains unchanged.