Are John Avlon and Margaret Hoover together?

Are John Avlon and Margaret Hoover together?

Avlon is married to PBS Firing Line host and political commentator Margaret Hoover. She is a great-granddaughter of President Herbert Hoover. They have a son Jack, born in 2013, and a daughter Toula Lou, born in 2015.

Is Margaret Hoover married?

John AvlonMargaret Hoover / Spouse (m. 2009)

How old is Margaret Hoover?

44 years (December 11, 1977)Margaret Hoover / Age

Who is John Avalon’s wife?

Margaret HooverJohn Avlon / Wife (m. 2009)

Where was Margaret Hoover born?

ColoradoMargaret Hoover / Place of birth

What nationality is John Avlon?

AmericanJohn Avlon / Nationality

How tall is Margaret Hoover?

5′ 6″Margaret Hoover / Height

When did Margaret Hoover get married?

November 7, 2009 (John Avlon)Margaret Hoover / Wedding date

How old is John Avalon?

49 years (January 19, 1973)John Avlon / Age

Where did Margaret Hoover go to college?

Bryn Mawr College2001
Davidson College
Margaret Hoover/Education

Who is Margaret Hoover’s father?

Andrew HooverMargaret Hoover / Father

When did John Avlon and Margaret Hoover welcome a baby boy?

Retrieved November 25, 2018. John Avlon and Margaret Hoover welcomed a baby boy, Jack, at 7:23 p.m. Aug. 14, 2013 ^ “Hoovers welcome Toula Lou”. West Branch Times. December 10, 2015. Retrieved November 25, 2018. John Avlon and Margaret Hoover announced the birth of daughter Toula Lou Hoover Avlon.

Is Hoover the woman Avlon will marry?

Before her arrival, Annie Dickerson, a Republican strategist, declared that Ms. Hoover was the woman Mr. Avlon would marry. When she walked into the offices, Mr. Avlon remembered, he was “struck by the totality of her.”

Is Margaret Hoover related to Herbert Hoover?

Margaret’s father was a mining engineer, and her mother a flight attendant; she is the great-granddaughter of the 31 st US President Herbert Hoover. She attended Graland Country Day School in Denver, Colorado, and after matriculating enrolled in Bryn Mawr College where she studied Spanish literature with a minor in political science.

What did Mr Avlon say about Margaret Thatcher?

Mr. Avlon reached for his wife’s hand. “Love is a verb, it’s not the flu,” he said. “Margaret comes by her partisanship very honestly” – meaning, she inherited it – “and there is certainly tension because Republicanism is the family religion and she married outside the faith.”