Are Thorlo socks wool?

Are Thorlo socks wool?

Blended Primaloft® merino wool with siliconized polyester for insulation and wicking throughout – helps maintain steady temperature for the feet in warm and cold weather.

What are Thorlo socks made of?

This Product

This Product Thorlos Experia XCCU Injinji Trail Midweight Mini-Crew
Specs Thorlos Experia XCCU Injinji Trail Midwe…
Material 66% Thor Wick Cool, 20% Nylon ,1% Elastic, 13% Polyester 39% Coolmax Polyester, 58% Nylon, 3% Lycra
Ankle Cut Low Cut Quarter Length
Cushioning Level Light Heavy

Who owns Thorlo socks?

Jim Throneburg
Thorlo Inc. is a family-owned padded-sock manufacturing company based in Statesville, North Carolina….Thorlo Inc.

Type Private
Founder Jim Throneburg
Products Padded-socks
Brands Thorlos, Experia, Health Padds, Smiles, Medds

How do you wash Thorlo socks?

Use the warm or cold water setting on your washing machine, and use permanent press or gentle cycle. Do not use chlorinated bleach, or laundry detergents containing chlorinated bleaching agents, on Thorlos.

Are Thorlos made in the USA?

About Us | Made in the USA – Thorlos.

What is Thor Lon?

Wool / THOR. LON® – This performance fiber blend is intended for active cold climate use and is designed for improved blister protection and comfort without sacrificing significant insulating properties of natural wool.

Can you put Smartwool socks in the dryer?

While you should always check the instructions for your specific pair of socks, most Smartwool socks can be put through the dryer on low heat. With that said, keeping them out of the dryer and letting them air dry is a better choice if you have the time.