Can I get 10% discount by SBI debit card?

Can I get 10% discount by SBI debit card?

* Yes, you can avail the offer and the offer will only apply on the amount paid through SBI Debit Card against the eligible product(s). Also, this amount should be equal to or more than INR 5,000 excluding grocery items. For Grocery items, this amount should be equal to or more than INR 2,000.

Is YONO SBI give cashback?

Cashback will be posted directly by YONO SBI to eligible cardholders shopping through YONO SBI on Amazon, within 90 working days from the end of transaction month on respective card account used for transaction.

Which bank gives instant Cheque book?

Some banks, such as SBI, give the account number and the debit card in the initial 30 minutes, while others, such as HDFC Bank, also give the cheque book, the debit card and the passwords for the debit card and Net banking.

What is YONO SBI offer?

If you are an SBI customer, this offer is waiting for you to grab it. Make use of your SBI Yono app and avail 10% discount on your final purchase. Yes, you heard it right.

Which bank card is 10% on Amazon?

5. Under this Program, cardholder can avail the following offers: 10% cashback on transactions of Rs. 5,000/- or more made using State Bank Debit or SBI Credit Card on

Which card has 10% discount on Amazon?

Offer details: Place your first cashless order on or its mobile application/site thereof (collectively, “”) using VISA Credit or Debit card during the Offer Period and get 10% off. Place your second order during the Offer period using Visa Credit or Debit card and get 10% off.

How can I get SBI Gift Card?

If you have an Internet Banking enabled account with transaction rights. Use the Gift Card link in the Requests tab to request for a gift card. Once you provide the beneficiary details and mailing address for the card, you will receive an SMS password to complete the request.

How can I redeem my Amazon Prime card in SBI?

How to use Amazon e-Voucher Redeemed using SBI Credit Card Reward Points

  1. Log on to :
  2. Select Amazon Pay from the navigation on the top of the home page.
  3. Choose Add Gift Card.
  4. Enter your Gift Card Number & press Add to your balance.
  5. Check your Amazon Pay. balance once the voucher is added.

Is cheque book free in SBI?

With respect to cheque book services, first 10 cheque leaves will be free of cost in a financial year. Thereafter, 10 leaf cheque book will be levied ₹40 plus GST; 25 leaf cheque book at ₹75 plus GST and emergency cheque book will attract a charge of ₹50 plus GST for 10 leaves or part thereof, the SBI added.

How can I get SBI cheque book?

Just log on to retail section of the Internet Banking site with your credentials and select the Cheque Book link under Requests tab. You can view all your transaction accounts. Select the account for which you require a cheque book, enter the number of cheque leaves required and the mode of delivery.

What is the difference between YONO and Yono Lite?

I know a lot of people are unable to differentiate between SBI Yono and SBI Yono lite applications. No doubt these are some of the best apps of SBI Mobile Banking….SBI Yono Features.

Register Net Banking (Without ATM Card) Yes No
Savings Account Opening Yes No
Account Transfer Yes No

What is maximum limit in YONO pay?

6. Is there a limit on the size of payment I can make?

Transaction Per day Limit (in Rs.)
Interbank Transfer – NEFT 10,00,000
Interbank Transfer – RTGS 10,00,000
IMPS Per Txn Limit 2,00,000
Quick Transfer Per Txn Limit 10,000 Per Day Limit 25,000