Can you have a water birth in Australia?

Can you have a water birth in Australia?

Currently, in Australia you can have a birth in water in the following situations: At birth centres with midwifery group practice. In hospitals that have pools or birth tubs and trained staff. With endorsed midwives (private midwives) with hospital access rights.

Can you choose to have a water birth?

Yes you can. You can get in and out of the pool as you please. You may choose to stay in the pool for pain relief in the first stage of labour and remain in the water for the birth, or you may prefer to leave the pool for the birth of your baby. It is your choice and you can decide your preference at the time.

Can you have drugs with a water birth?

Are there any disadvantages of having a water birth? You will not be able to have some pain-relief options. For example, you cannot have any opiates, such as pethidine, for at least six hours before you get into the pool, and you cannot have an epidural. You will be unable to use a Tens machine.

Can a baby drown during water birth?

The ACOG’S official opinion explains that while some water birth proponents suggest that babies will naturally and intrinsically keep themselves from breathing under water at birth, research suggests that it is totally possible, which puts them at risk for drowning.

How warm is a birthing pool?

It has to be around 37C for the actual birth so there isn’t a shock to the baby, but can be cooler if you want earlier. You can labour in whatever temperature you want to – but it needs to be brought around 37 for birth. I found 34 degrees was perfect for labouring in.

Can my partner come in the birthing pool with me?

If you’re using a birth pool in a hospital or birth centre, ask if your partner will be allowed in the pool with you, as policies may differ from hospital to hospital. Even if your birth partner doesn’t get into the pool, just having a special person close by to support you will be reassuring.