Do garage slabs need footings?

Do garage slabs need footings?

Several factors go into whether your garage needs footings. Basic garage structures are not required to have foundation footings unless your lot slopes or has poor soil conditions. Most garages have a 4″ inch poured concrete slab-on-grade, and the structure is built directly on the slab.

What is a turndown concrete slab?

Thickening the slab at the edge to at least twice the depth of the rest of the slab, adds strength where the most stress is placed on the structure. This type of construction is often referred to as a turned-down slab.

Can you build on a slab without footings?

Could you pour a concrete slab without footers? Technically, yes. But, it may not have the support it needs. If you plan on building a home or any type of construction on that slab, you run the risk of it sinking without footers.

Can you pour footing and slab together?

Monolithic slabs combine the foundation footings and slab into one piece, allowing them to both be poured at the same time and cut back your time and monetary investment.

How do you prepare the ground for a garage slab?

Good ground preparation starts with removing the topsoil. Then, if the soil has not previously been “disturbed” (i.e., dug up), a four-inch layer (minimum) of gravel or stone should be added. (Soil that has been dug up before should be compacted.) The gravel or stone also needs to be compacted.

Does an attached garage need footings?

The Structure You Intend to Build For example, based on the International Residential Code, you must have footings at least 12 inches wide if you make a one-story structure. For two-story garages, your footings must be at least 15 inches wide. But depending on the soil, some could be 12 inches wide.

What is a turn down edge in concrete?

A turndown edge lets us build up the edge of a patio without the expense of having to build a retaining wall under it. We simply form up the edge, shape the gravel under the slab to create a shape similar to the image, and pour the concrete.

Is a monolithic slab better?

It’s Fast. The first and most notable benefit of a monolithic slab is the fact that it can be laid much faster than other foundations. Because it’s a single pour, a monolithic foundation goes down quicker than other common methods, including stem walls.

What kind of foundation does a garage need?

A garage foundation is typically constructed of concrete block or a poured concrete wall. First the site is cleared or scraped and footing trenches are dug below grade according to code.

How long will a monolithic slab last?

DURABILITY. Despite the simplicity, a monolithic slab foundation will last around 50 years if properly constructed. Because of the absence of complex elements, there’s little to go wrong with the slab itself.

Can I pour concrete directly on dirt?

Long story short, yes you can pour concrete over dirt.