Do they still make Troy-Bilt Horse tillers?

Do they still make Troy-Bilt Horse tillers?

The Troy-Bilt Horse Rototiller is still made here in the USA. The Troy-Bilt Horse Rototiller uses a large USA made Briggs & Statton 305cc engine. If you hava a big garden – 2,500 square feet and beyond – and big chores, Then the Troy-Bilt Horse Rototiller is the right tiller for you.

What are bolo tines?

The standard tines that come with most machines are Bolo tines. These are used for deep tilling with little clogging. On the other hand, Pick and Chisel tines are slightly curved and used for hard or rocky soil. Yet, these tines can easily clog in vegetation.

What is a Troy Bilt Horse tiller worth?

The “Horse” was the older Troy Bilt tiller with the bigger engine…it has a cult-like following. The “Pony” is a step down in size and hp. A Horse usually goes for around $600 in very good working condition and an older version of the Pony like you have goes for about $400 in very good working condition.

Where is model number on Troy Bilt Horse tiller?

The model number of your Troy-Bilt tiller is located on the same tag, but is printed in the upper left-hand corner. The model number on a Troy-Bilt tiller begins with 21. It may also contain both numbers and letters.

Should you sharpen tiller tines?

Rotary tillers break through a variety of soils to create a workable area for gardens and flowerbeds. After repeated use, the tines, or blades, dull and wear down. No matter what type or brand of tiller you own, these blades will need to be sharpened or replaced to keep your machine working properly.

Where is model number on Troy-Bilt Horse tiller?

How do you replace a tiller tine?


  1. Disconnect the spark plug wire. Pull the spark plug wire straight up and off the plug.
  2. Remove the clevis pins. Remove the cotter pins from the clevis pins and slide the clevis pins out.
  3. Remove the tines.
  4. Clean and lubricate tine shaft.
  5. Install the new tines.
  6. Reconnect the spark plug.