Do tui planes have entertainment?

Do tui planes have entertainment?

We don’t provide entertainment on our shorter flights. However, if you’re flying long haul – that’s flights longer than seven hours – you’ll have a selection of movies, TV shows and music playlists to choose from.

Does tui dreamliner have TV?

Boeing 787 Dreamliner On board a Boeing 787, a Standard Entertainment Programme is available on the screens on the seat in front of you. The offer consists of a selection of TV series, games and music. The seat features a USB charging outlet, so don’t forget to bring the USB cable of your smartphone or tablet.

Does tui have screens?

You can pass the time by picking from our library of films, TV shows and music, which are played out on your own personal seatback screen. Before your departure date, you can also Select Your Seat, check in online, or upgrade to one of our Seats with Extra Legroom.

What is the Thomson Dreamliner?

Thomson’s are the first UK airline to introduce the Dreamliner and will carry 291 passengers in a 2 class configuration. 47 premium club (2-3-2) and 244 in economy (3-3-3). They have ordered a total of 13 Dreamliner’s and will roll them out over the next few years.

What do you get on TUI Dreamliner?

On all our long-haul flights – that’s flights over seven hours – we provide complimentary meals, which are accompanied by your choice of wine. When your inflight meal is served, you’ll get a water cuplet on the tray, and the Cabin Crew will serve your choice of red, white or rose wine.

Are drinks free on Dreamliner?

On a Dreamliner flight, meals and drinks are complimentary, so you’ll enjoy a glass of wine with your in-flight meal as well as enjoying further beverages throughout the course of your flight.

Which are the best seats on TUI Dreamliner?

Best seats in the Premium cabin are definitely Row 1 A/C or G/J where you will have loads of extra legroom and no difficulty getting in and out of your window seat. (just flown recently myself in Row 1 )There is no restricted view from seats in premium cabin except Row 7 A/C which does not have a window.

Is it worth upgrading on TUI Dreamliner?

All in all, for me, I would upgrade every time. As a minimum to extra leg room, but if I can afford it the extra for Premium is well worth it. I did enjoy the frequent service, the smaller cabin with more privacy and the room I had for my legs. The extra legroom alone makes an upgrade worth it to us.

Do you get free food on TUI Dreamliner?