Does PC mobile still exist?

Does PC mobile still exist?

On May 24, 2018, PC Mobile decided to cease its postpaid operation. Although still operating as The Mobile Shop across the country, customers were moved from the PC brand to Koodo Mobile.

Which provider does PC mobile use?

Bell Mobility
PC Mobile is a prepaid mobile cell phone provider that is operated by Bell Mobility. Network: PC Mobile’s network is provided by Bell Mobility offers customers blazing fast 4G LTE speeds.

Does PC mobile support iPhone?

Now with a completely new look and feel, the My PCmobile app is the easiest way for you to manage your prepaid PC mobile account anytime, anywhere. You can use the app over our 3G, 4G and LTE networks free of charge, without using your data plan. The My PCmobile app supports iOS 10.0 and above.

What does MetroPCS $60 plan include?

For one line at $60 per month, customers get unlimited LTE data (reduced after 35GB, 480p streaming only), a 15GB LTE mobile hotspot, Google One’s 100GB tier of cloud storage, and Amazon Prime, which unlocks free express shipping options, Prime Video, Prime Music, unlimited Amazon Photos storage, and discounts at Whole …

Is PC mobile Koodo?

Important information regarding PC mobile monthly services On October 2nd, 2018 PC mobile monthly customers will continue to receive the same wireless service but will be re-branded Koodo. You can continue to visit to login and manage your account.

Is PC mobile a CDMA carrier?

As of April 30, 2019, PC Mobile no longer supports their 3G CDMA network.

What network does koodo use?

Telus Mobility’s
Mobile services provided by Koodo use Telus Mobility’s HSPA+ and LTE networks. CDMA devices, however, have been discontinued January 31, 2017. Koodo Mobile’s HSPA networks uses the 850 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies, their LTE network uses 1700/2100 MHz (AWS), and their LTE-a network uses 2600 MHz and 700 MHz.

Does MetroPCS have a 55+ plan?

Available as a promotion, the carrier’s new 4G LTE plan provides unlimited talk, texting, and 4G LTE data for $55 a month for a single line. Families can join in by paying $50 a month for second, third, and fourth lines.

How much is MetroPCS monthly?

MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans Review

MetroPCS Cell Phone Plans Review: Costs and Benefits
MetroPCS Cell Phone Plan Price
2G 4G LTE Data $30 per month, taxes and fees included
5GB 4G LTE Data $40 per month, taxes and fees included
Unlimited 4G LTE Data $50 per month, taxes and fees included

How can I top up my PC Mobile?

How to Top-Up your account with a prepaid card:

  1. Call #PCMO (#7266) from your PC mobile phone or 1-877-284-6361 from any other phone.
  2. Follow the voice prompts and enter the card when asked.
  3. Valid for one-time-use only.

How can I contact my PC Mobile?

Visit for our self-serve options or contact PC mobile’s Customer service centre at 1 877 284-6361.

Is PC Mobile Koodo?