Does the MD 82 still fly?

Does the MD 82 still fly?

Significant MD-80 operators elsewhere Starting in Bulgaria, European Air Charter presently has six active MD-82s in its fleet. This airline was known as Bulgarian Air Charter until May this year, and its Mad Dogs are 29.7 years old on average. This is exactly the same average age as its Airbus A320s.

Where does laser airlines fly to?


Country City Airport
Panama Panama City Tocumen International Airport
United States Miami Miami International Airport
Venezuela Barcelona General José Antonio Anzoátegui International Airport
Venezuela Barquisimeto Jacinto Lara International Airport

What airlines use MD-80?

Airline operators

Airline MD-82 Total
Venezolana 1 2
World Atlantic Airlines 9
Zagros Airlines 6 9
Total 50 148

How many MD 80s are still flying?

It announced that it would remove all of its MD-80s by 2019, replacing them with 737-800s. The airline flew its final MD-80 revenue flights on September 3 and 4, 2019 before retiring its 26 remaining aircraft.

Does Venezuela have an airline?

Conviasa is under the authority of the Ministry of Aquatic and Air Transport. The airline is owned by the Venezuelan government (80%) and the regional government of Nueva Esparta (20%). Conviasa has its headquarters on the grounds of Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, Venezuela, near Caracas.

What terminal is swift air at Miami International Airport?

Swift Air uses Terminal C – Central at Miami Airport.

How much runway does an MD-80 need to take off?

Long range cruise 440 kts. Ceiling 35,000+. Range 1,563-2,630 nm. Takeoff distance 7,250.