How do I complain to Suncorp?

How do I complain to Suncorp?

How to contact Suncorp with a complaint

  1. 13 11 55. In person:
  2. Visit a Branch. By email:
  3. [email protected] In writing: Suncorp Insurance, GPO Box 68, Sydney NSW 2001. In most circumstances, your complaint will be acknowledged within 1 business day and can usually be resolved within 5 business days.

Who is Suncorp owned by?

the Queensland Government
Suncorp, owned by the Queensland Government and QIDC merged with Metway Bank to create Suncorp Metway, Australia’s fifth largest listed financial services group. Queensland Government was the largest shareholder of the new group with a 68 per cent holding.

How do I contact Suncorp Bank?

To make sure you speak to a specialist, here are the best times to call:

  1. Internet & Mobile Banking. 13 11 55.
  2. Credit Cards. 13 11 55.
  3. Home Loans. 13 11 55.
  4. Customer Relations. 1800 689 762.
  5. Share Trading. 1300 156 299.
  6. Financial Difficulties. 1800 225 223.
  7. Suspicious Card Transactions. (Credit Cards) 24/7.

How do I email Suncorp?

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Phone: 1800 689 762.
  3. Post: Suncorp Customer Relations Unit. GPO Box 1453. Brisbane QLD 4001.

Who is Suncorp Group?

Suncorp trades under a number of brands, including AAMI, Apia, Shannons, InsureMyRide, Vero, Terri Scheer, Bingle, CIL and Tyndall insurance brands in Australia, and Vero, Asteron, Guardian Trust, Tyndall, Vero Liability, AA Insurance, SIS, CMV/AXIOM and Autosure brands in New Zealand.

Is Suncorp owned by Citibank?

Sydney – Citibank has entered into a long-term credit card partnership with Suncorp. As part of the transaction, Citibank will add to its rapidly expanding Australian credit cards business with the acquisition of Suncorp’s $225 million credit card portfolio.

What does Suncorp stand for?

Suncorp Bank is a part of the Suncorp Group, with head offices in Brisbane, Australia. From its beginnings in 1902 as the Queensland Agricultural Bank, Suncorp Bank has grown into the sixth largest bank in Australia.

Is Sunsuper and Suncorp the same?

On 28 February 2022, Sunsuper and QSuper merged to become the Australian Retirement Trust….Sunsuper.

Type Industry superannuation fund
Fate Merged with QSuper to form the Australian Retirement Trust
Headquarters Brisbane , Australia
Area served Australia

What is Suncorp BSB number?

Suncorp Bank has one BSB for all branches and accounts: 484-799. A BSB (or Bank, State, Branch code) is a six-digit number that identifies your bank and store in Australia.

Who is the CEO of Suncorp?

Steve Johnston (May 27, 2019–)Suncorp / CEO

Why is Suncorp called Suncorp?

From its beginnings in 1902 as the Queensland Agricultural Bank, Suncorp Bank has grown into the sixth largest bank in Australia.

How much does the CEO of Suncorp make?

What is the salary of Steve Johnston? As the Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, and Executive Director of Suncorp, the total compensation of Steve Johnston at Suncorp is AUD$3,319,000.

Who is Suncorp Group Limited?

Suncorp Group Limited is a leading financial services provider in Australia and New Zealand, enabling more than nine million customers to better protect and enhance their financial wellbeing. #About Suncorp Group.

Can Suncorp Group companies accept service of legal documents?

Suncorp Group companies will accept service of legal documents (including subpoenas, writs and garnishee orders) in person at its Registered Office or via post or email (details of which appear below). Please note the general minimum amount for Conduct Money is $50 payable via cheque.

What is the Suncorp office of the customer advocate?

Suncorp’s Office of the Customer Advocate is here to be the voice of you, our customers within the organisation and to make sure you’re heard, understood and treated fairly across the Suncorp Group. We are committed to treating each customer as an individual and we value your thoughts on any issues concerning your relationship with us.