How do I hide tabs in JTabbedPane?

How do I hide tabs in JTabbedPane?

To disable a tab in a JTabbedPane container, use the setEnabledAt() method and set it to false with the index of the tab you want to disable.

What is the purpose of JTabbedPane?

The JTabbedPane class is used to switch between a group of components by clicking on a tab with a given title or icon. It inherits JComponent class.

Which are correct steps for creating JTabbedPane?

Basically to create a JTabbedPane component in Java, one should follow these steps:

  • Create a new JFrame .
  • Call frame. getContentPane().
  • Use JTabbedPane(JTabbedPane. TOP) to get a JTabbedPane .
  • Use tabbedPane. addTab to add a tab.
  • Use frame. getContentPane().

How do you use JTabbedPane?

To create a tabbed pane, instantiate JTabbedPane , create the components you wish it to display, and then add the components to the tabbed pane using the addTab method. The following picture introduces an application called TabbedPaneDemo that has a tabbed pane with four tabs.

What is the purpose of JTree?

The JTree class is used to display the tree structured data or hierarchical data. JTree is a complex component. It has a ‘root node’ at the top most which is a parent for all nodes in the tree. It inherits JComponent class.

What is JTextPane?

public class JTextPane extends JEditorPane. A text component that can be marked up with attributes that are represented graphically. You can find how-to information and examples of using text panes in Using Text Components, a section in The Java Tutorial.

How do you make a JTree?

Developing a Simple JTree: The node is represented in Swing API as TreeNode which is an interface. The interface MutableTreeNode extends this interface which represents a mutable node. Swing API provides an implementation of this interface in the form of DefaultMutableTreeNode class.

What is DefaultMutableTreeNode?

A DefaultMutableTreeNode is a general-purpose node in a tree data structure. For examples of using default mutable tree nodes, see How to Use Trees in The Java Tutorial. A tree node may have at most one parent and 0 or more children.

What is JViewport in Java?

A JViewport class defines the basic scrolling model and it is designed to support both logical scrolling and pixel-based scrolling. The viewport’s child called the view is scrolled by calling JViewport.

What’s the difference between JTextPane and JTextArea?

The main difference between JTextPane and JTextArea is that JTextPane’s resources are heavy while JTextArea has lite and limited resources. JTextPane edits the content like where to make the word bold, where to put underline but JTextArea can not do that. JTextPane is a derivative of java.