How do I pass the FTCE General Knowledge test?

How do I pass the FTCE General Knowledge test?

To pass the GK exam, you’ll need a scaled score of at least 200 on each of the three multiple-choice subtests (English Language Skills, Reading, and Mathematics) and at least 8 out of 12 points on the essay subtest. For more information about how your exam will be scored, check out our article on FTCE scores.

How hard is the FTCE General Knowledge test?

FTCE General Knowledge Test: Exam Difficulty. The FTCE General Knowledge test measures the same core academic skills you’ve been using in college, so the exam shouldn’t be particularly difficult, especially if you’ve been doing well in your studies.

Do I have to take the General Knowledge test in Florida?

If the Department of Education’s Bureau of Educator Certification has stipulated that you must take and pass the General Knowledge Test or any other examination for certification in the state of Florida, there is no provision in law to waive the test requirement.

How do I study for General Knowledge test?

As a piece of general advice, everybody recommends to read newspapers, listen to AIR news and watch GD interviews to study General knowledge. Here, we will tell you how to go about it. Reading Habit: It is recommended to follow 2 to 3 newspapers daily. Reading newspaper daily will boost your GK learning.

What tests do teachers have to take in Florida?

Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) You will need to pass the required General Knowledge Test (GKT) and the Professional Education Test (PEd) prior to issuance of your Professional Certificate.

How long is the Florida General Knowledge test?

FTCE General Knowledge

FTCE General Knowledge Quick Facts
Test Content: Mathematics; Reading; English Language Skills; Essay
Time to complete: 1 hour and 40 minutes for Mathematics; 55 minutes for Reading; 40 minutes for English Language Skills; 50 minutes for Essay

How much is the general knowledge test in Florida?

Planning Your FTCE Test Registration For the FTCE General Knowledge Test, the testing fee is $130 for your first attempt and $150 for any subsequent attempts. It costs the same, no matter how many subject areas you intend to complete, so for most test-takers, it makes sense to attempt all four subtests in one sitting.