How do you close the shuttle bay door in Mass Effect?

How do you close the shuttle bay door in Mass Effect?

How to Solve the PSI Valve Puzzle in Mass Effect 1

  1. Head to ExoGeni Upper Level and interact with the shuttle bay door controls. The room is full of Geth, and the controls have five glowing buttons on them.
  2. Set the PSI between 31 and 34. Choose the 17, 11, and 5 buttons OR the 13, 11, and 7 buttons.

Should you destroy the Thorian?

You can choose to kill her, or allow her to help the colony to recover, which will affect the colony’s survival chances. If you want to get to know her, you can do so here, though if you let her live you can also do it after the mission. Either way you head back up to the colony automatically when the dialog ends.

How many colonists were on feros?

The problem is that in order to get a true Paragon success in this mission the player must save all 16 colonists, which can prove tricky when they are all being controlled by a hostile plant being called the Thorian. This guide shows players how to save all sixteen colonists on Feros.

How do I get to feros in Mass Effect 1?

Go to Feros When you’re ready to head to Feros, getting there is relatively painless (what happens on the planet is another story entirely, however). Fly the Normandy to the Attican Beta cluster, and seek out the solar system known as Theseus. Once there, you’ll find the planet Feros.

How do you turn off force fields in feros?

The only way to deactivate it is to cut off the connection between them.

How do you keep the colonists alive in Mass Effect?

Once you run out of Anti-Thorian Gas grenades, you can still save the Zhu’s Hope colonists by using melee attacks to take them out. Use B on Xbox or Circle on PlayStation to hit them until their health bars are depleted. It’ll look pretty brutal, but it won’t kill them.

How old is the Thorian?

fifty thousand years old
The Thorian, also called Species 37, is an ancient sentient plant at least fifty thousand years old – its ability to hibernate for thousands of years makes its real age impossible to guess.

What should I do with the Thorian?

Your primary quest here is simple – fight through the Thorian Creepers and raise the ship section blocking the way into its lair….Return to Zhu’s Hope

  • Equip your Grenades with the Anti-Thorian Gas mod.
  • Use Melee attacks to subdue colonists.
  • Tell your Squad Mates “Careful.

Should I go to Feros or Noveria first?

While the missions can be taken in any order, there’s a natural gameplay and story progression to taking them on in a certain sequence. You can generally take on Therum or Feros first without major consequences, but going for Noveria first is not advisable.

How much charm do you need for Feros?

There’s a Charm check at the end of Feros that requires 12 charm.

Who should I take to feros ME1?

ME1 is is pretty simple. Wrex + Tali on Therum, Tali + anyone (only if you care about the Geth bit, otherwise it doesn’t matter) on Feros, Liara + Wrex on Noveria, Liara + anyone on Ilos.