How do you date a Waterbury clock?

How do you date a Waterbury clock?

You can date your antique Waterbury clock with its label. If the Label fades, use the Serial Number as an alternative.

How do you identify a Waterbury clock?

Every Waterbury clock was marked with the company name “The Waterbury Clock Co.” This marking is typically engraved or printed on the dial face. You may also find it on a paper label on the back of the clock or inside the clock case.

How do you identify a Gilbert clock?

The best way to tell a Gilbert clock’s age is to inspect the back of it. You should see a label displaying the name of the company. Because this company changed its name various times throughout its duration, the name engraved on the back will help you identify the time period it was constructed in.

How do I identify my Seth Thomas clock?

The first step in identifying your clock is to look for the Seth Thomas label. You can find the label on the inside, back, or bottom of the clock case. You’ll also see stamped metal labels on some clocks, as well as engraved pendulums featuring the Seth Thomas name.

Where was the Waterbury Clock Company located?

Waterbury, Connecticut
The Waterbury Clock Company factory is a historic complex of factory buildings in Waterbury, Connecticut….Waterbury Clock Company factory.

Waterbury Clock Company
Location N. Elm, Cherry Sts. and Cherry Ave., Waterbury, Connecticut
Coordinates 41°33′30″N 73°02′6″W
Area 6.2 acres (2.5 ha)
Built 1857

When were Gilbert clocks made?

The Gilbert Clock Factory is a historic factory complex at 13 Wallens Street in Winchester, Connecticut. Developed between 1871 and 1897, its surviving elements are a preservation of the state’s history as a center for the manufacture of low-cost clocks….

Gilbert Clock Factory
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