How do you get F1 pit lane access?

How do you get F1 pit lane access?

With F1® Experiences’ Exclusive Pit Lane Walk, you can get closer to the teams and easier access when drivers do make an appearance, as they often do! Access to an Exclusive Pit Lane Walk is available with Starter, Trophy and Hero Ticket Packages.

How much does an F1 paddock pass cost?


F1 Team Paddock Club Package Type Cost
Red Bull Racing 1 Day (Fri) N/A
Red Bull Racing 2 Day (Sat/Sun) $ 7,995 SOLD OUT
Red Bull Racing 3 Day (Fri/Sat/Sun) $ 8,800 SOLD OUT

Can you buy an F1 paddock pass?

Legend Ticket Packages offer 2- or 3-Day Access to the Paddock Club, plus unique benefits only available with F1 Experiences, including 1-Day Paddock Access, a Private Podium Visit and Exclusive Podium Ceremony Access after the race!

What is an F1 paddock pass?

Formula One Paddock Club™ 2022 Calendar For individuals and smaller groups, we offer access to the Club Suite, where you will mix with Formula 1 VIPs in a chic and stylish atmosphere. The Club Suite offers interactive entertainment, music and magnificent views of the circuit.

Can you meet F1 drivers in the paddock?

By going to a Formula One race weekend. Teams often have autograph sessions and there will be events with fans. If you want to see them up close, then you have to have a “Paddock pass” it allows you to wander around the paddock and you most certainly will meet a F1 driver, since they usually hangout in the paddock.

How do you get a F1 media pass?

Please contact the National Press Officer in your country to make an application for national media accreditation. These applications remain subject to final approval by the FIA. All applications must be sent to the FIA by the National Press Officer at least four weeks in advance of the race.

How much is Paddock Club Abu Dhabi?


F1 Paddock Club Package Type Cost
1 Day (Fri) $ 1,260
2 Day (Sat/Sun) $ 6,195
3 Day (Fri/Sat/Sun) $ 6,825

What’s the cheapest F1 race?

The Hungarian Grand Prix has the cheapest ticket among all circuits, worth £95.25 (£127) Monaco, unsurprisingly, is the most expensive with the cheapest ticket being £525 ($700)

How much is F1 VIP?

Finally, there are Formula 1’s VIP tickets, also known as the paddock club. Paddock club tickets cost around $6,000 for three day access, again depending on the track. Two day access is around $5,600 and Friday access is about $1,000.

Do F1 drivers ever need to pee?

Do F1 drivers pee in their suits during a race? The simple answer is yes they do. F1 drivers can relieve themselves during races on the off chance that they need to but many have strongly claimed that they wait until they return to the paddock.

How much is it to meet F1 drivers?

The typical price of a full F1 race weekend, which runs from Friday (qualifying rounds) to Sunday’s main event, including tickets, hotel, and spending cash, will easily cost $1,000 at the bare minimum and goes way, way up from there. (Race-day Paddock Club tickets alone cost $2,000 or more.)