How do you get past Route 207 in Pokemon brilliant diamond?

How do you get past Route 207 in Pokemon brilliant diamond?

Route 207 is a small route which connects Oreburgh City to Route 206 and Mt. Coronet. It only has a small patch of grass while the rest of the route is covered as a mountainside….Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl.

Hiker Justin Geodude Bronzor
Battle Type Items Level 16 Level 18
Rock Head Levitate

What Pokemon can you catch on Route 207?

Route 207 (Japanese: 207ばんどうろ Route 207) is a route in central Sinnoh, connecting Route 206 and Oreburgh City with Mount Coronet….Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Trainer Pokémon
Hiker Kevin スミオ Sumio Reward: 512 Geodude♂ Lv.16 No item
Zubat♂ Lv.17 No item
Geodude♂ Lv.16 No item

Where is the rare candy on Route 207?

Route 207 – To get to Route 207, take the north exit in Oreburgh City. Take the bike path up the mountain and ascend until you reach the hiker beside the bridge. The Rare Candy is on the hiker’s left-most tile on the rock.

How do you get a Larvitar brilliant diamond?

Where to find Larvitar in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

  1. In order to find Larvitar, you need to beat the Elite 4 and Cynthia, and then complete the Sinnoh Dex by seeing all 150 Pokemon.
  2. Next head to Sandgem Town and talk to Professor Rowan to unlock both the National Pokedex and the PokeRadar.

How do you get manaphy in Pokemon brilliant diamond?

How to get a free Manaphy egg

  1. Select Mystery Gift from the menu.
  2. Select Get via internet.
  3. Follow the prompt to connect online.
  4. Select the Manaphy egg from the list of gifts to download it.

How do you get Feebas BDSP?

How to Get Feebas in Pokemon BDSP

  1. Go to the Jubilife TV building in Jubilife City and speak to the receptionist inside.
  2. Write down the number she’ll give you—it doesn’t matter if you win a prize or not.
  3. Using this Feebas Finder tool (Credit: DRayX and EzPzStreamz), you’ll be able to find the right tiles easily.

Can you get Larvitar in shining pearl?

Larvitar is one of the many exclusive Pokémon in BDSP, although the Shining Pearl exclusive equivalent is Bagon. Before players can find a Larvitar in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, however, they’ll have to beat the game and earn the National Dex.

Can you buy Rare Candy in Pokemon Diamond?

Like their name, Rare Candies are extremely rare, hidden all around Sinnoh. However, trainers are able to get more Rare Candies by buying them from the Battle Tower, or by having a certain Pokemon in their party.

Where is Dratini in Brilliant Diamond?

How to Get Dratini on Mt. Coronet

  • Go to Mt. Coronet through Route 207.
  • Use Surf to go right.
  • Continue right and rock climb up.
  • Go up through the next areas.
  • Once outside, go right and rock climb up.
  • Enter the cave and fish in the water until you catch a Dratini.

How do you get Darkrai in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond?

To get Darkrai in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you must have first entered the Hall of Fame by defeating the Elite Four and unlocked the National Pokédex. You must have also found the Lunar Wing, which is explained in the section above.