How do you name a Wikipedia page?

How do you name a Wikipedia page?

To move or rename a page:

  1. On the page you want to change, click on the “Move” tab near the top of the page (placement depends on your settings).
  2. You’ll be asked for a new name for the page, and given the option to also move the page’s talk page.
  3. Click the move button and the page will be renamed to the new title.

How is a Wikipedia page structured?

On Wikipedia, articles are subject to a common page organization. For example, the first section usually introduces the article in more general and more broadly accessible terms, and the infobox summarizes the main facts.

What is naming convention and example?

Naming-convention definition A collection of rules followed by a set of names which allow users to deduce useful information, based on the names’ character sequence and knowledge of the rules followed; such as Manhattan’s East-West streets being called “Streets” and its North-South streets being called “Avenues”. noun.

Can you edit the title of a Wikipedia page?

On Wikipedia, a page can usually be renamed if the already existing title is incorrect or needs to be changed; this is called moving a page. A page may also be moved to another namespace without changing the base titleā€”for example, a userspace draft may be moved to article space.

What is Page naming?

Page name is a term for the title of any page on Wikipedia. A page is named for the convenience of linking to it by its title. It is shown on the title line, near the top, in large bold letters.

What should a wiki page include?

General information

  • Advice pages, about guidance pages written by WikiProjects.
  • Community standards and advice, policies, guidelines & related essays.
  • List of policies, a summary of policies.
  • List of guidelines, a summary of guidelines.

What are the 8 parts of wiki?

For the Wikipedia help page, see Help:Wikitext.

  • Source editing. Some wikis have an Edit button or link directly on the page being viewed if the user has permission to edit the page.
  • Layout consistency.
  • Basic syntax.
  • Visual editing.
  • Version history.
  • Edit summary.

What are the rules for naming a function?

The rules for naming a function are a lot like rules for naming a variable:

  • They must start with a letter or an underscore: _.
  • They should be lowercase.
  • They can have numbers.
  • They can be any length (within reason), but keep them short.
  • They can’t be the same as a Python keyword.

What is the purpose of naming convention?

Why Are Naming Conventions Important? The main purpose of naming conventions is to keep your work organized. When your data is consistently organized, it becomes easy to process and get results. Without any structure in your naming, analyzing large volumes of data could become chaotic.