How do you train for the Kokoda Trail?

How do you train for the Kokoda Trail?

Walk on the nature strip, not the pavement; this gives increased resistance and the unevenness is good preparation. Increase your distance walked each week till you’re walking at least 12 km/day, preferably every day for the last month; It’s also a good idea to train with a pack, carrying more than you will on Kokoda.

How hard is the Kokoda Trail?

Kokoda is not the demon it is portrayed and everyday people complete Kokoda – young and old. With Mt Everest Base Camp being a 10/10 difficulty level and walking around the block a 1/10, Kokoda rates as a 7/10, with moderate cardio fitness required.

How can I watch Kokoda?

Watch Kokoda: The Spirit Lives | Prime Video.

Do you sleep during the Kokoda Challenge?

The Kokoda Challenge is not a race, but the quicker you can finish the event the less fatigued you will be. The longer you are out there, the more difficult it becomes. You can start to hallucinate after 24 hours of no sleep coupled with fatigue. In saying that, it is important to stick to a pace you’re used to.

How long is Kokoda train?

Two Month Training Program The training program has been designed to aid in your physical preparation for the Trek and runs for 8 weeks, with progressive increase in duration and workload. If you commence training earlier than eight weeks be careful not to over train certain muscle groups.

How fit do you need to be to do Kokoda?

Intentional training should begin at least 3 months before you head to Kokoda or longer if you are starting with absolutely no physical fitness. Training for Kokoda will involve walking with a daypack on for extended distances, starting with 5km and working up to 15kms.

Where was Kokoda filmed?

Mount Tamborine, Queensland
Kokoda was shot on location at Mount Tamborine, Queensland.

How long is Kokoda Challenge?

39 hours of over 4,000 metres of elevation, walking all weekend through the day and night in whatever weather conditions are thrown your way and pushing yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of.

How far is the Kokoda Challenge?

The Kokoda Challenge is back in Brisbane for another year of life-changing adventure through the beautiful D’Aguilar National Park! Competitors and their teams can take on the 18, 30 or 48km distance to not only push their own physical and mental boundaries, but also to raise funds for the Kokoda Youth Foundation.

Can you do Kokoda without a guide?

Trekking on the Kokoda Track must be undertaken with a licenced tour operator. The KTA does not encourage trekkers to walk without a tour operator, due to safety concerns. Solo travelers also bring little benefit to the local communities. All trekkers must carry comprehensive medical and travel insurance.