How do you use Plus White 5 Minute Speed whitening gel?

How do you use Plus White 5 Minute Speed whitening gel?

[How to Use] – Apply thin continuous line of Gel onto a toothbrush, mouth tray or q-tip. Allow 5 minutes for bleaching agents to kick in and follow the directions based on your choice of application method (located on box). After desired time, rinse mouth out to remove remaining gel.

How do you use 5 minute teeth whitening gel?

Important: Wipe off excess gel from your gums or any other area other than your teeth. Leave on for 5 minutes for regular whitening. For badly stained or yellow teeth, allow 15 to 20 minutes. Do not use consecutively for more than 14 days.

How often can you use 5 minute whitening gel?

For Best Results: Use twice daily for two weeks. The whitening process begins with the very first application. After the second week, use once or twice a week, or as needed to maintain the white shade you have achieved.

Can you brush your teeth with plus white?

Prepare: Mix one part (at least a teaspoon) of the concentrated tartar control-pre whitening rinse with 3 parts water. Swish in mouth for 2-3 seconds and rinse out. Using your toothbrush, brush your teeth (without toothpaste) and rinse mouth with water.

Is 5 minute whitening good for your teeth?

5.0 out of 5 starsA cheap whitening gel that works well without harsh abrasives and does a better job than white strips. This is a cheap whitener that works well without destroying your teeth or enamel. While five minutes isn’t quite long enough to give you dramatic results, this gel WILL whiten your teeth.

Should you brush your teeth after whitening gel?

After Whitening: Remove the tray and rinse off your teeth. Brush any remaining gel away. Brush, floss and continue routine dental cleaning. You may initially notice white splotches on teeth following removal of tray. This is typically cause by dehydration of the teeth and should diminish within an hour.