How does the reader know that boxing was very important to Antonio and Felix?

How does the reader know that boxing was very important to Antonio and Felix?

Cite specific evidence from paragraphs 3 and 4 to support your response. Your Think Response The reader knows that boxing was very important to Antonio and Felix because they were always working out and training together. They went out early in the morning to go jogging.

How are Antonio and Felix different from each other?

They are physically different: Antonio is tall and lean while Felix is short and husky. They also have different hairstyles.

What is the problem in Amigo brothers?

The main or the central conflict of the story Amigo Brothers is that Antonio and Felix must fight against each other in a boxing match.

Is Amigo brothers a true story?

Jeff Somers is an award-winning writer who has authored nine novels, over 40 short stories, and “Writing Without Rules,” a non-fiction book about the business and craft of writing. “Amigo Brothers” is a short story by Piri Thomas.

What is the dream of Amigo brothers?

Answer: They both had a dream – becoming a light-weight champion of the world. Whenever they got a chance they exercised, sometimes at the Boy’s Club and sometimes at the gym. They would run every day morning, wearing sweat shirts and short towels around their necks.

What do Felix and Antonio have in common?

Which of the following describes Felix and Antonio’s friendship? They have been friends for most of their lives. The only thing they have in common is boxing. They only hang out because they live close to each other.

What does Felix want to discuss with Antonio?

What does felix want to discuss with Antonio? Felix wants to talk to Antonio about the fight.

What is the lesson in Amigo brothers?

Friendship Theme The title, Amigo Brothers, shows how important friendship is in the book. ‘Amigo’ means ‘friend’ in Spanish, and Antonio and Felix take their friendship very seriously, although the two boys are very different. Boxing has always been a way for the two boys to connect.

Who won in the Amigo brothers?

All of these details suggested that Felix was the winner. While the two boxers were pretty evenly matched, Felix had the key advantages of being husky, short and powerful.

What is the resolution of Amigo brothers?

The resolution in the story is after the fight. The two boys beat each other so badly, that they make up and just walk out of the arena. All the tension between the two boys breaks as they deceide to not know who the real winner is.

What is the dream that Antonio and Felix share?

Seventeen-year-old best friends Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas both dream of becoming light-weight boxing champions of the world. They train together until they find out that they will meet in the ring to determine who will fight in a championship tournament.