How long does it take to reload an AK-47?

How long does it take to reload an AK-47?

2.5 seconds
Reload speed is at 2.5 seconds loaded or 3.25 unloaded, making it somewhat slower than the M4 Carbine or G36C, but not by much. The AK-47 has the same amount of sway as the M4 Carbine and same sway speed as the G36C.

How many bullets does it take to reload an AK-47?


Rifle Cartridge Weight of loaded magazine
AK-47 (1949) 7.62×39mm 30-rounds 916 g (2.019 lb)
AKM (1959) 7.62×39mm 30-rounds 819 g (1.806 lb)
AK-103 (1994) 7.62×39mm 30-rounds 739 g (1.629 lb)

Can you shoot an AK without the dust cover?

In short, they show that the AK weapon system can be operated without the dust cover and more interestingly, without the recoil spring (with some risk that the bolt will come off the rails and hit you).

Are AK-47’s still made?

In 1959, production began on his AKM, which replaced the AK-47’s milled receiver with one made of stamped metal, making it both lighter and less expensive to produce. He also developed the cartridge-fed PK machine gun. Modified AK-47s are still in production in countries around the world.

Why do Navy Seals use AK-47s?

The AK-47’s dependability and the ability to surprise enemies were both factors in why American soldiers sometimes used the Soviet assault rifle. Key point: The practice of taking enemy weapons from the battlefield as trophies was hardly new in the 1960s.

Why are AK-47s so reliable?

The AK-47’s reputation for reliability was a result of years of hard work and fine tuning, with Mikhail continuously troubleshooting issues of each manufacturing run as they gradually became apparent. The AK-47’s rise to popularity (and eventually, to notoriety) was a result of a government-led manufacturing impetus.

Are all AK 47 magazines interchangeable?

The AK-47 fires the original 7.62×39 round. The AK-74 fires the 5.45×39 round—the current caliber used by the states of the former Soviet Union. Because of the caliber difference, the magazines for the two rifles are different and not interchangeable.

Can you buy a real Kalashnikov?

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